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March on Optimum/Cablevision: Reinstate the 23 Illegally-Fired…  


March on Optimum/Cablevision: Reinstate the 23 Illegally-Fired Workers!

The scene on January 31 as NY labor and community allies demand that Cablevision/Optimum reinstate the 23 technicians they illegally fired.

You shouldn’t be fired for standing up for your rights! 

Sign the petition: http://bit.ly/WDiYLU

23 Brooklyn Cablevision/Optimum workers were illegally fired on January 30. Why? When they tried to speak with a Cablevision/Optimum vice president about the company’s lack of good faith bargaining, the vice president claimed they were striking — even though none of the workers had refused to work. In fact, some of the workers who had begun their routes were called back to the garage to be fired.

Sign the petition: http://bit.ly/WDiYLU

Cablevision: Don’t Scrooge Workers


Cablevision owner Jim Dolan has been playing “hard-to-get” in negotiations with the Brooklyn Cablevision workers who, inspired by the Occupy…