99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity


10/2 The @StardustFamilyU workers singing "9 to 5", protesting 15 workers fired at #ellensstardustdiner. #wearestardust pic.twitter.com/FUocerCTQh 
9/14 The @EllensStardust in #NYC fired workers for organizing with @StardustFamilyU. #1u #NYC1u #stardustfamilyunited pic.twitter.com/olO9fjxJvb 
5/12 Barnard Contingent Faculty, Columbia grad workers, & CWA: Unions United against the 1% #VerizonStrike pic.twitter.com/QwCLmR0kA0 
5/11 If we don’t get no contract, then you don’t get no peace! #VerizonStrike pic.twitter.com/RjmlxNeQE6 
4/23 ¡Titlanice! Así comienza la nueva campaña de @LWC_workers y así va terminar también. ¡Venceremos! pic.twitter.com/syPsFSSC0g 
4/23 ¡Titlanice! Así comienza la nueva campaña de @LWC_workers y así va a terminar también. ¡Venceremos! pic.twitter.com/vjdKcbz8UG 
12/4 . @Columbia administration just refused to accept petition from grad workers. SHAME!! #WeAreWorkers #1u pic.twitter.com/reI2LeplYL 
12/4 Domino's worker: "I am here to support you bc I know what it is to fight to unionize" #WeAreWorkers #1u pic.twitter.com/TAoBeKhr56 
12/4 These workers are fired up! @Columbia recognize the grad worker union now! #WeAreWorkers #WorkerPower #1u pic.twitter.com/OtduhnuBK2 
12/4 "We know that @Columbia works because WE do!" Grad workers are demanding that admin. recognize their union now! #1u pic.twitter.com/Utgt757gBN 
11/27 Former Walmart worker shares how the company demanded more & more for less & less in return. @ourwmt #BlackFriday pic.twitter.com/Dk00BNlH5Z 
11/27 We want justice now! Walmart workers are hungry. This will not be ignored! #BlackFriday #FastFor15 @ourwmt pic.twitter.com/NRFSgaqfSN 
11/25 On #BlackFriday support grassroots organizing! 9am @ Alice Walton's apt w/@OURWmt #fastfor15 on.fb.me/21fYDga pic.twitter.com/wmzukduUac 

On #BlackFriday, Join Walmart Workers Fasting for $15/hour


Join OUR Walmart–organized by current and former Walmart workers–in actions around the country on Black Friday as members break their hunger strike calling for $15/hour and full-time. NYC action is at 9am: http://on.fb.me/1Ihfx2g

11/20 "The workers, united, will never be divided!" Powerful solidarity from restaurant workers #FastFor15 @OURWmt #1u pic.twitter.com/88mGFrUupt