99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity


11/20 Assembling outside Alice Walton's apt & calling for change at @walmart! #FastFor15 #1u #NationalWomensDay pic.twitter.com/pGSkTQa9tr 
11/9 We're joining #FightFor15 in Foley Square @ 4PM as workers STRIKE on 11/10 #NYC1u. RSVP: bit.ly/nov10rsvp pic.twitter.com/yLqbw3i2oq 
10/23 "We’re fighting for a better future" bhexposed.org #bhexposed #bhsuperstore #ppe2015 pic.twitter.com/wzHIWdkhR0 
10/23 "We are not afraid--we are united & we will win" -Edwin Rojas bhexposed.org #ppe2015 #bhexposed pic.twitter.com/e7sDjYkKuC 
10/23 "At B&H, all my coworkers are tired of the abuse. bc of this we decided 2 organize" bhexposed.org #PPE2015 pic.twitter.com/HrvnNgUbV6 
10/21 Progress comes through collective action #1u via @unions4workers pic.twitter.com/WwGMlOOesg 
10/6 Support @GuitarCenter workers fighting for a #FairContract during the #DrumOff! bit.ly/SurveyGC pic.twitter.com/rokcK7E5yI 
9/3 The union has done some clever re-branding #StandUp2VZ pic.twitter.com/GEjySgTOph 
9/2 Execs' expensive tastes come at high costs for Verizon workers GoFundVerizon.com #StandUp2Vz pic.twitter.com/kmGHdGJbD0 
9/1 .@nyu, invest in the future, not our demise! #whoseNYU pic.twitter.com/rNLRD1FKPv 
9/1 Unionized faculty calling for raises for everyone. At rally with 150+ calling on @nyu to a good neighbor pic.twitter.com/IwDBbOglbe 
6/22 "Liberato! Cara gato!" We stand w/the three illegally fired workers fighting against wage theft at Liberato #1u pic.twitter.com/3sUyVuFhHY 
6/22 3 @LWC_workers members illegally fired @ Liberato. Will you join them calling for justice? #1u tiny.cc/libmp pic.twitter.com/jmXWwFxJ94 
6/2 “Share the wealth, protect our health!” @MoMA_Local2110 workers on all sides of the museum #faircontractnow #1u pic.twitter.com/1NA8N5bM85 
6/2 “Modern art, ancient wages!!” @MoMA workers are killing it outside the gala, standing up for a fair contract #1u @uaw pic.twitter.com/EKyYUYVhFU