99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity


4/21 Out front Kenny bakery in #washheights w/ @lwc_united & allies, fighting against wage theft & abuse! pic.twitter.com/5slAtVmuMX 
4/21 Call Liberato manager Nelson 718-584-5000 NOW & demand NO RETALIATION agnst workers! #LWC #1U 99pickets.org pic.twitter.com/POtXs1WI3x 
4/19 After standing w/workers inside Liberato we are outside calling on the Bronx restaurant to end wage theft, harassment pic.twitter.com/Z8Y9NetfPl 
4/19 "No mas abuso verbal!!" Workers are fighting against sexual harassment, wage theft and disrespect pic.twitter.com/0sRJdj6aOl 
4/19 "Justicia!" 100 supporters & @RMOinNYC march into Liberato w/workers delivering letter to management. pic.twitter.com/anS1xLFkii 
4/19 A toast to workers rights, an end to sexual harassment, and respect at work!! Inside Liberato in the #Bronx pic.twitter.com/GeCOdAsKqS 
4/19 LWC Roseanna and a fierce pack of Hunter and CUNY students pic.twitter.com/xDVfnqu0hM 
4/19 Getting ready to go to the location. Recounting past wins, uniting for a new struggle. pic.twitter.com/Uxacg3E3fF 
4/19 Before a laundry worker center action in the Bronx pic.twitter.com/1hrbFh5QQw 
4/13 Talking to a neighbor of @childrenplace CEO Jane Elfers. Do you know your neighbor uses sweatshop labor? #PAYUP pic.twitter.com/DOya7yyOre 
4/13 See you around the neighborhood soon! @ChildrensPlace, #PAYUP fair comp. to #ranaplaza victims orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/5JTPIdehRc 

At Her Allendale Home, Activists Call On Children’s Place CEO to Take Responsibility for Bangladesh Deaths


For Immediate Release Press Contact: Matt Plummer, 99 Pickets, 99pickets@gmail.com Photos and videos: http://tiny.cc/99pkts-allendale More information: 99pickets.org, orphansplace.com Allendale, NJ…

4/12 There's someone home at the house of injustice! But shes not answering. #payup @childrensplace Orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/PykY7DVEc3 
4/12 Back at the home of @childrensplace CEO Elfers. "Hey Jane, what's the deal? Imagine how those orphans feel!" #PAYUP pic.twitter.com/Wo43PNjaJn 
4/12 Rude Mechanical Orchestra laying it down on the way to another neighbor of CEO Elders. #ChildrensPlace #PAYUP! pic.twitter.com/u4KmCftm9Y