99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity


4/15 Climate justice solidarity w/ #fightfor15!! @risingtideNYC @mcdonalds #TimesSquare pic.twitter.com/wwtfdlqFty 
4/15 "The fight 4 sustainable jobs is same fight 4 a sustainable planet!!" Mic check @mcdonalds #TimesSquare #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/WKYfI4hcWV 
4/15 "We are unstoppable, another world is possible!" 2nd @mcdonalds in climate justice/worker tour #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/EPInKrxfJJ 
4/15 "More future less capitalism!" @risingtideNYC @eco_socialism #99pkts in @mcdonalds, solidarity w/ #fightfor15 workers pic.twitter.com/TzJCujQxTb 
4/15 MIC CHECK! climate justice activists joining forces w/worker solidarity groups in @mdonalds NYC #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/jacnCeS3GU 
4/15 MT @VOCALNewYork: TODAY! Join 1,000s to demand a living wage for all NYers! 5pm @ Columbus Circle #FightFor15 pic.twitter.com/qgu4R7euqH 
4/13 Successful conclusion @ Kenny Bakery! Picket party @ Liberato Mon 5-6:30 1 W. 183rd St. #Bronx 99pickets.org/calendar/succe… pic.twitter.com/jLyQ4XWyGD 
3/16 Amazing sign featuring Manuel Antonio Liberato, owner of Liberato restaurant who is accused of wage theft #1u pic.twitter.com/fMrXIyDWi1 
3/16 Dozens outside Liberato restaurant in #bronx protesting stolen wages, sexual harassment m.thenation.com/blog/201457-wo… #1u pic.twitter.com/13LzQBJCgj 
3/13 "You can't close your eyes & pretend we're not here!" @childrensplace #payup $8 million you owe to #ranaplaza victims pic.twitter.com/ofLKoeiuoS 
3/12 When BD workers fight 4 a garment indust. they can be proud of, we must not stnd by in silence on.fb.me/1wAXsvD pic.twitter.com/CtPBj36Rim 
3/12 FRI 5pm Union Sq, tell @childrensplace to DROP the charges on 27 protesters & #payup now! on.fb.me/1wAXsvD #1u pic.twitter.com/u7PRhJtSCW 
3/12 26 arrested today, telling @childrensplace to #payup $8 mil they owe to #RanaPlaza victims northjersey.com/news/business/… #1u pic.twitter.com/R8kl12Yr1h 
1/19 Liberato's hiring: se ofrece un salario robado. pic.twitter.com/rKpWAckd04 
1/19 Liberato workers, we are with you! pic.twitter.com/nNF98LN7yW