99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity


7/16 .@BHPhotoVideo has been #UnionBusting! #BoycottBnH #BHexposed #NYC #1u @LWC_workers pic.twitter.com/EEBtKoRq3q 
7/16 #UnionBusting's got to go at #EllensStardustDiner! Rehire the workers! #NYC @StardustFamilyU #1u #WeAreStardust pic.twitter.com/XYP3J8jYHG 
2/13 Congratulations @Babeland_NYC and @RWDSU workers on your first union contract! #1u #unionyes #babelandnyc #nyc pic.twitter.com/HyQuN323ct 
1/29 Scabby the Rat says boycott #EllensStardustDiner which fired over 30 workers! @StardustFamilyU #wearestardust #nyc pic.twitter.com/t5ehOGL24p 
1/22 .@StardustFamilyU is sticking to the union! Boycott #ellensstardustdiner, illegally fired 31 workers! #wearestardust pic.twitter.com/XXeoT0tG5Q 
11/12 The @StardustFamilyU are the champions, rehire the 16 fired workers at #EllensStardustDiner! #wearestardust #nyc #1u pic.twitter.com/DlGc31Ppkp 
11/6 The @StardustFamilyU built this city on #RockAndRoll! #EllensStardustDiner must rehire the 16 workers #wearestardust pic.twitter.com/QpaormBJ96 
11/5 The fired workers of @StardustFamilyU say don't stop believing at #EllensStardustDiner! #Broadway #wearestardust #1u pic.twitter.com/IJmAD8gph1 
10/2 The @StardustFamilyU workers singing "9 to 5", protesting 15 workers fired at #ellensstardustdiner. #wearestardust pic.twitter.com/FUocerCTQh 
9/14 The @EllensStardust in #NYC fired workers for organizing with @StardustFamilyU. #1u #NYC1u #stardustfamilyunited pic.twitter.com/olO9fjxJvb 
5/12 Barnard Contingent Faculty, Columbia grad workers, & CWA: Unions United against the 1% #VerizonStrike pic.twitter.com/QwCLmR0kA0 
5/11 If we don’t get no contract, then you don’t get no peace! #VerizonStrike pic.twitter.com/RjmlxNeQE6 
4/23 ¡Titlanice! Así comienza la nueva campaña de @LWC_workers y así va terminar también. ¡Venceremos! pic.twitter.com/syPsFSSC0g 
4/23 ¡Titlanice! Así comienza la nueva campaña de @LWC_workers y así va a terminar también. ¡Venceremos! pic.twitter.com/vjdKcbz8UG 
12/4 . @Columbia administration just refused to accept petition from grad workers. SHAME!! #WeAreWorkers #1u pic.twitter.com/reI2LeplYL 
12/4 Domino's worker: "I am here to support you bc I know what it is to fight to unionize" #WeAreWorkers #1u pic.twitter.com/TAoBeKhr56 
12/4 These workers are fired up! @Columbia recognize the grad worker union now! #WeAreWorkers #WorkerPower #1u pic.twitter.com/OtduhnuBK2 
12/4 "We know that @Columbia works because WE do!" Grad workers are demanding that admin. recognize their union now! #1u pic.twitter.com/Utgt757gBN 
11/27 Former Walmart worker shares how the company demanded more & more for less & less in return. @ourwmt #BlackFriday pic.twitter.com/Dk00BNlH5Z 
11/27 We want justice now! Walmart workers are hungry. This will not be ignored! #BlackFriday #FastFor15 @ourwmt pic.twitter.com/NRFSgaqfSN 
11/25 On #BlackFriday support grassroots organizing! 9am @ Alice Walton's apt w/@OURWmt #fastfor15 on.fb.me/21fYDga pic.twitter.com/wmzukduUac 
11/20 "The workers, united, will never be divided!" Powerful solidarity from restaurant workers #FastFor15 @OURWmt #1u pic.twitter.com/88mGFrUupt 
11/20 Assembling outside Alice Walton's apt & calling for change at @walmart! #FastFor15 #1u #NationalWomensDay pic.twitter.com/pGSkTQa9tr 
11/9 We're joining #FightFor15 in Foley Square @ 4PM as workers STRIKE on 11/10 #NYC1u. RSVP: bit.ly/nov10rsvp pic.twitter.com/yLqbw3i2oq 
10/23 "We’re fighting for a better future" bhexposed.org #bhexposed #bhsuperstore #ppe2015 pic.twitter.com/wzHIWdkhR0 
10/23 "We are not afraid--we are united & we will win" -Edwin Rojas bhexposed.org #ppe2015 #bhexposed pic.twitter.com/e7sDjYkKuC 
10/23 "At B&H, all my coworkers are tired of the abuse. bc of this we decided 2 organize" bhexposed.org #PPE2015 pic.twitter.com/HrvnNgUbV6 
10/21 Progress comes through collective action #1u via @unions4workers pic.twitter.com/WwGMlOOesg 
10/6 Support @GuitarCenter workers fighting for a #FairContract during the #DrumOff! bit.ly/SurveyGC pic.twitter.com/rokcK7E5yI 
9/3 The union has done some clever re-branding #StandUp2VZ pic.twitter.com/GEjySgTOph 
9/2 Execs' expensive tastes come at high costs for Verizon workers GoFundVerizon.com #StandUp2Vz pic.twitter.com/kmGHdGJbD0 
9/1 .@nyu, invest in the future, not our demise! #whoseNYU pic.twitter.com/rNLRD1FKPv 
9/1 Unionized faculty calling for raises for everyone. At rally with 150+ calling on @nyu to a good neighbor pic.twitter.com/IwDBbOglbe 
6/22 "Liberato! Cara gato!" We stand w/the three illegally fired workers fighting against wage theft at Liberato #1u pic.twitter.com/3sUyVuFhHY 
6/22 3 @LWC_workers members illegally fired @ Liberato. Will you join them calling for justice? #1u tiny.cc/libmp pic.twitter.com/jmXWwFxJ94 
6/2 “Share the wealth, protect our health!” @MoMA_Local2110 workers on all sides of the museum #faircontractnow #1u pic.twitter.com/1NA8N5bM85 
6/2 “Modern art, ancient wages!!” @MoMA workers are killing it outside the gala, standing up for a fair contract #1u @uaw pic.twitter.com/EKyYUYVhFU 
5/11 Sin justicia no hay pollo!!! Liberato restaurant must pay minimum wage NOW!! #1u #bx pic.twitter.com/p9S2oG4yTC 
5/1 Announcing new #worker center federation w @LWC_workers @DesisRisingUp @VendorPower @NICE4Workers pic.twitter.com/4Zr1iiY0lj 
5/1 Hey @nyuniversity stop the worker abuse! #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/PvlaJD2N0S 
5/1 When workers right are under attack, what do we do? STAND UP FIGHT BACK! #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/fxNoA2NeSe 
5/1 Down down with exploitation! Up up with the fair food nation! @Wendys @ciw #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/ER7GCeY6Jv 
5/1 Hey @Wendys its time to sign the fair food agreement with @ciw! #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/rJgwrDPpL2 
5/1 From Baltimore to Mexico, killer cops have to go! #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/695cjUrQUO 
5/1 No to 1000 more cops! #BrokenWindows has to stop. #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/vurme1lbJM 
5/1 At @bankofamerica one of the largest funders of private prisons @ImmigrantsOWS #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/VvhAe1VnX7 
5/1 Workers on the move! #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC @lwc_united pic.twitter.com/ELQ2zVjd8T 
5/1 Rosanna from @lwc_united starting us off for 4th annual @ImmigrantsOWS tour! #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/RCK4IgR3Nw 
5/1 We're at Washington Sq Park! Join us #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/5l88qksbos 
5/1 Kicking off #maydaynyc with immigrant women organizing for increased safety at nail salons! @NYNJRJB @NYCOSH pic.twitter.com/g3ZN86qeZV 
4/15 Climate justice solidarity w/ #fightfor15!! @risingtideNYC @mcdonalds #TimesSquare pic.twitter.com/wwtfdlqFty 
4/15 "The fight 4 sustainable jobs is same fight 4 a sustainable planet!!" Mic check @mcdonalds #TimesSquare #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/WKYfI4hcWV 
4/15 "We are unstoppable, another world is possible!" 2nd @mcdonalds in climate justice/worker tour #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/EPInKrxfJJ 
4/15 "More future less capitalism!" @risingtideNYC @eco_socialism #99pkts in @mcdonalds, solidarity w/ #fightfor15 workers pic.twitter.com/TzJCujQxTb 
4/15 MIC CHECK! climate justice activists joining forces w/worker solidarity groups in @mdonalds NYC #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/jacnCeS3GU 
4/15 MT @VOCALNewYork: TODAY! Join 1,000s to demand a living wage for all NYers! 5pm @ Columbus Circle #FightFor15 pic.twitter.com/qgu4R7euqH 
4/13 Successful conclusion @ Kenny Bakery! Picket party @ Liberato Mon 5-6:30 1 W. 183rd St. #Bronx 99pickets.org/calendar/succe… pic.twitter.com/jLyQ4XWyGD 
3/16 Amazing sign featuring Manuel Antonio Liberato, owner of Liberato restaurant who is accused of wage theft #1u pic.twitter.com/fMrXIyDWi1 
3/16 Dozens outside Liberato restaurant in #bronx protesting stolen wages, sexual harassment m.thenation.com/blog/201457-wo… #1u pic.twitter.com/13LzQBJCgj 
3/13 "You can't close your eyes & pretend we're not here!" @childrensplace #payup $8 million you owe to #ranaplaza victims pic.twitter.com/ofLKoeiuoS 
3/12 When BD workers fight 4 a garment indust. they can be proud of, we must not stnd by in silence on.fb.me/1wAXsvD pic.twitter.com/CtPBj36Rim 
3/12 FRI 5pm Union Sq, tell @childrensplace to DROP the charges on 27 protesters & #payup now! on.fb.me/1wAXsvD #1u pic.twitter.com/u7PRhJtSCW 
3/12 26 arrested today, telling @childrensplace to #payup $8 mil they owe to #RanaPlaza victims northjersey.com/news/business/… #1u pic.twitter.com/R8kl12Yr1h 
1/19 Liberato's hiring: se ofrece un salario robado. pic.twitter.com/rKpWAckd04 
1/19 Liberato workers, we are with you! pic.twitter.com/nNF98LN7yW 
1/19 ¿Qué queremos? ¡Justicia! ¿Cuando? ¡Ahora! pic.twitter.com/hWwekFVtRh 
1/19 ¿Qué es Liberato? ¡Un explotador! pic.twitter.com/OyMzNsyQNZ 
1/19 Community picket outside Liberato restaurant in support of workers organizing. No to intimidation! pic.twitter.com/Z7LkOGzc58 
1/19 Liberato, escucha! Estamos en la lucha! pic.twitter.com/DXhrgEGvGI 
1/18 MLK DAY ACTION: stand w/workers sued by Liberato for extortion 4-7pm @ 1 W 183rd BX on.fb.me/1yx3Mlv #1u pic.twitter.com/FxmHCD4FkR 
10/23 #cablevision worker: “our war is not against each other. It’s against those corporate thugs trying to divide us!” #1u pic.twitter.com/djzCfIQwdU 
10/23 CWA! We're not going away! 200+ here to support #Cablevision workers fighting for a fair contract for THREE years now pic.twitter.com/npWIXcovX9 
10/23 Solidarity as far as the eye can see! A sea of red @cwa union supporters @ supposed Cablevision anti-union rally #1u pic.twitter.com/4f0qeQqYjB 
10/22 Join @Cablevision99 workers TOMORROW and stand against union-busting. Wear red!! facebook.com/events/8209287… #1u pic.twitter.com/YuZZha94lB 
10/16 "Fear is to be chewed, not swallowed!!" @ourwalmart member speaks in support of retail,fast food workers! #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/1e4WggM4aY 
10/16 RIGHT NOW: Dozens of walmart workers unite w/fast food workers in NYC. "Show me 15!!" #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/eHC92t9hcc 
9/30 "Ten years, no raise!!!" Workers at @barneysNY are strong, united & ready to fight to #makebarneysbetter @NYNJRJB pic.twitter.com/8lAG3dsWAp 
9/30 .@Local_802_AFM band laying at down outside @barneysNY in solidarity w/@NYNJRJB members #makebarneysbetter #1u pic.twitter.com/eh1EBg84CU 
9/30 “Compensation!! No renovation!!” @barneysNY workers are making their voices heard BIG TIME. @NYNJRJB #1u pic.twitter.com/GXXIaNZiNF 
9/30 "No contract, no peace!!!" @barneysNY workers haven't had a raise in 20 YEARS #makebarneysbetter pic.twitter.com/SCV8WtHGjd 
9/30 200+ Barneys workers outside @BarneysNY right now demanding a fair contract now!!! #1u pic.twitter.com/TENjWuknY1 
9/23 Blowing the whistle on @gm CEO Mary Barra outside #CGI2014. 1000s of workers at GM Colombian plants severely injured pic.twitter.com/B9xiGrVWjh 
9/23 Solidarity w/Colombian workers fighting to make Mary Barra’s @gm factories safe! #cgi2014 asotrecol.org pic.twitter.com/GKfIsrWKIG 
9/18 "Shame, shame, shame!!" @hm, pay your workers in Cambodia a living wage!! #weneed177 #nycsolidarity pic.twitter.com/GodRjIdIbU 
9/18 100+ @nynjrjb workers & allies call on @oldnavy, @gapinc to be accountable, pay living wage!!! #weneed177 #nyc pic.twitter.com/mqT7CkHdGa 
9/18 Marching out front @hm w/ @RMOinNYC & @NYNJRJB !! Shame on you h & m, pay a living wage in Cambodia! #weneed177 pic.twitter.com/6PGHcRkT3y 
9/18 #WeNeed177 solidarity w/Cambodian garment workers fighting for $177/mo min. Wage!! pic.twitter.com/S7mTnLr3TV 
9/18 . @NYNJRJB workers on the march!! to demand accountability from @gapinc & @hm #weneed177 pic.twitter.com/ixvwyyzuwP 
9/17 . @nynjrjb rank-and-file & 99pkts are ready to march on @gapinc!!!! Higher minimum wage for Cambodian workers now! pic.twitter.com/JwmjUBwiaD 
9/16 Tmrw Cambodian workers are standing up for a higher min. We gather in solidarity at 34 & Bway. 99pickets.org/calendar/solid… pic.twitter.com/0nCNKt6MlX 
9/16 Tmrw Cambodian workers are standing up for a higher min. We gather in solidarity at 34 & Bway. 99pickets.org/calendar/solid… pic.twitter.com/0nCNKt6MlX 
9/15 9/17 join worldwide demos in solidarity w/Cambodian workers protesting 4 higher min. wage. NY: buff.ly/1omdmAd pic.twitter.com/7mcqE47zrC 
9/14 Dedicated activist flyering for worker justice at Kenny Bakery this afternoon pic.twitter.com/z68m8Tk7mz 
9/13 In Cambodia, women who sew clothes for big brands are organizing 4 higher min. wage. 9/17 NYC: buff.ly/1lSjjd0 pic.twitter.com/6UHmVDuzFK 
9/11 Workers are fighting for a $177/mo min. wage in Cambodia. Join them 9/17 6pm @ 34th & Broadway 99pickets.org/calendar/solid… pic.twitter.com/bSzjiZi2hw 
9/8 Solidarity has no borders! On Sep 17, stand w/Cambodian workers fighting for higher min. wage! 99pickets.org/calendar/solid… pic.twitter.com/rVvNkLu0cf 
8/28 . @Blick_art corporate lackey accepts the petition for a FAIR CONTRACT NOW!! Sign petition: tiny.cc/bworkers pic.twitter.com/tUwNShngGs 
8/28 Solidarity w/ @blick_art workers from members of @ROC_NY, @IWWNYC, @RetailAction, @CentralLaborNYC , @UAW & more! pic.twitter.com/kbfv5dguhe 
8/28 . @Blick_Art worker Paloma: "we are constantly being disrespected by management." Fair contract now!! pic.twitter.com/6MYkoiftN7 
8/16 “No justice, no cake!!” The fight at Kenny bakery = the struggle to end exploitation thru-out #WashHeights pic.twitter.com/aaQDtL10Da 
8/16 Today 99pkts & Laundry Workers Center members stood strong against police intimidation. Justice @ Kenny bakery now!! pic.twitter.com/mHtqH454N6 
8/9 Hey @GuitarCenter why don't you "Walk This Way" into a fair contract with your workers? #Rock4Rights #GCTimesSquare pic.twitter.com/iRiE0vchX6 
8/9 .@GuitarCenter #Rock4Rights #1u #GCTimesSquare @RWDSU pic.twitter.com/ttaXEsz9gX 
7/18 "Kenny Bakery ojo! No más... bizcocho!" We demand justice for Moraima now!! @lwc_united pic.twitter.com/IJBhw6Pttj 
7/16 .@InternLabor & NMASS unite to picket at DoL offices. Enforce labor law now, stop wage theft!! via @walshpeter pic.twitter.com/zc0PBkXEEl 
7/2 STRIKE at @bookculture stores today, come to the picket lines: 536 W 112th + 114th & Brdwy. Rehire the fired 5 NOW! pic.twitter.com/2GnW2lvSP4 
6/11 .@IWWNYC @brandworkers @lwc_united @99pickets holding it down at @amysbread -- we'll be back! amysbread.brandworkers.org pic.twitter.com/iRgSaoP3Bx 
6/11 "Workers first, bread second!" At @amysbread talking to customers, see amysbread.brandworkeers.org #whomakesamysbread pic.twitter.com/zHP9a4gCZT 
6/11 Workers unite! Telling @amysbread customers about the bakers' campaign for justice @brandworkers @lwc_united pic.twitter.com/uFQ2pArYBV 
6/11 Dozens of workers & allies outside @amysbread telling customers about workers' fight for fair pay & benefits #1u pic.twitter.com/v1GkFWYoie 
6/10 Happening now! Presser demanding end to wage theft, verbal abuse & intimidation at BX resturant Liberato. @lwc_united pic.twitter.com/wYxAIy1YPw 
6/7 .@brandworkers solidarity BBQ last nite: Much respect for @TomCatBakery workers organizing for better conditions! #1u pic.twitter.com/ECOyslqtyN 
6/6 Extremely disturbing MT @syndicalisms Striking Sao Paulo subway workers attacked by cops youtu.be/g0eznzSdGGc pic.twitter.com/X2Ice65da8 
6/4 Unions, worker centers, community groups--NYC says NO to Walmart's dirty money @WMTFreeNYC #walmartfreeNYC pic.twitter.com/oysMfX6eL9 
6/4 "What do we want?? GOOD JOBS! When do we want them? NOW!" @WMTFreeNYC #WalmartStrikers #WalmartEconomy pic.twitter.com/en8jcoosLA 
6/4 . @Childrensplace shareholder code of conduct doesn’t seem to include accountability for 1138+ deaths in BD $PLCE pic.twitter.com/8hW7vP69ME 
6/4 We stand in solidarity w/Bangladeshi workers organizing for safe factories & victims compensation fund @ILRF @USAS pic.twitter.com/BGwgoYhQzZ 
6/4 Secaucus police here 2 stop shareholders from hearing truth about @childrensplace deaths $PLCE orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/qLJKKDJuud 
6/4 .@childrensplace security says die-in must end. What about the Bangladeshi workers who died in CP factories? $PLCE pic.twitter.com/ygFcfiPP8Y 
6/4 Photos of #RanaPlaza victims' families placed inside @childrensplace shareholder meeting orphansplace.com $PLCE pic.twitter.com/rBU7ssZpSd 
6/4 beautiful @childrensplace lobby--$655 million profit--lots of $$ for security but no $ for BD victims $PLCE pic.twitter.com/oYXoDIybMI 
6/4 Good news at @Childrensplace annual meeting: $655 million profit last year! So why won’t they #payup 2 BD victims? pic.twitter.com/jAiOW3CFIg 
6/4 .@childrensplace security telling us 2 leave. We won't let up till they #payup 2 BD victims! orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/yMpqEsiDbg 
6/4 1,138 workers died in Bangladesh factory collapse where @childrensplace clothing is made. Why won’t CP #payup? #1u pic.twitter.com/cuUwgfV77A 
6/4 We’re at @childrensplace shareholder meeting in solidarity w/Bangladeshi workers organizing agnst factory deathtraps pic.twitter.com/JVJxmti4eE 
6/4 We’re heading to @childrensplace shareholder meeting w/ @USAS & @ILRF. CP, #payup 2 #RanaPlaza victims families now! pic.twitter.com/TZokPs9zlE 
5/28 Threatening workers = totally unacceptable. Call Liberato NOW & defend grassroots organizing tiny.cc/liberato pic.twitter.com/lhoteGmQjA 
5/15 #FastFoodStrikers & allies march thru the 28th St. Flower District. #fastfoodglobal #nyc @nychange pic.twitter.com/17IFH1RwqA 
5/15 "We want change! And we don't need pennies!" On strike for $15 & a union #nyc #fastfoodglobal @nychange pic.twitter.com/8AKA7XsiYJ 
5/15 “If we don’t get it? ORGANIZE!!” Out front another @mcdonalds in #nyc #fastfoodglobal @nychange #1u pic.twitter.com/LAHsS5dc5P 
5/15 Huge worker presence at #fastfoodglobal strikes in a massive display of strength & solidarity @nychange #1u #nyc pic.twitter.com/s2qAr14Aqm 
5/15 "Hey hey, ho ho! poverty wages have got to go!!" #fastfoodglobal @nychange @RMOinNYC pic.twitter.com/mHcWd5kSmh 
5/15 The vuvuzelas are coming out! #VuvuzelaArmy #fastfoodglobal #ShutItDown pic.twitter.com/SQmZLuo8AZ 
5/15 "We're gonna beat! Back! The boss attack!" No rain's gonna stop us!! #fastfoodglobal @nychange @FastFoodForward #1u pic.twitter.com/28mGOcDihs 
5/15 “Organize! Have it our way” #fastfoodglobal #NYC @RMOinNYC #1u pic.twitter.com/Tdbr3zLn54 
5/15 The scene inside @mcdonalds in NYC as #fastfoodglobal strikes spark across the globe #workerpower pic.twitter.com/RGbVKfM9ep 
5/15 RIGHT NOW: 300+ workers & allies outside @mcdonalds at 32&5th in #NYC. “No justice no work!!” #FastFoodGlobal #1u pic.twitter.com/ObumWywsyE 
5/15 Workers of the world unite! At @mcdonalds in NYC, standing w/ #FastFoodStrikers everywhere #fastfoodglobal #1u pic.twitter.com/RM7Gohvc57 
5/2 MT @NasMohit Coffin delegation into @childrensplace. Still have not paid victims of #rana collapse! #PAYUP @Ilrf pic.twitter.com/1tWqFXyzaS 
5/2 "Down, down with the exploitation! Up up with the worker nation!!" #mayday #iwjtour @OWSScreenGuild @OWSArtsandLabor pic.twitter.com/rWj2wNpMzr 
5/2 #MyNYPD defends @childrensplace after we delivered petition: #PAYUP to #ranaplaza victims! orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/27uwmL4KDx 
5/2 Yesterday 100s of immigrants & workers marched on ICE processing center @ #IWJtour2014. End deportations NOW! #MayDay pic.twitter.com/nl8I2ngI84 
5/2 Chills down my spine. @RMOinNYC in beautiful song: "Migration is movement, movement is human." #IWJtour2014 #mayday pic.twitter.com/40kHwAKcBK 
5/1 HT @brandworkers: @nyulaw got a visit today @greenhousenyt @powellnyt @ImmigrantsOWS #MayDay @1199SEIU pic.twitter.com/L9b46rNYqz 
5/1 No more borders! No more tears! Stop the deportations! #iwj #mayday pic.twitter.com/ZhiT0gVmhz 
5/1 Speakout at NYU against Daniel Strauss #MayDay pic.twitter.com/csD5yHg7gG 
5/1 Well #myNYPD is out w/ undercover officers on a #MayDay march #IWJTour @99pickets @OccupyWallSt pic.twitter.com/yeawvNLRW7 
5/1 The #maypole #MayDay @99pickets @OccupyWallSt #IWJTour pic.twitter.com/bUx8Pc16UK 
4/28 "¡Justicia ahora!" On #May1 fight for immigrant rights & respect in the workplace #iwjtour2014 buff.ly/QRQbnc pic.twitter.com/DYBlxzNxFB 
4/28 The only secure community is an organized one! #MayDay is OUR day. See you in the streets! on.fb.me/1iqIN8u pic.twitter.com/5KfrrWOBpZ 
4/24 Delivering a letter to @childrensplace Pay up now! pic.twitter.com/PmIVlKVNQy 
4/24 #NYC 'a faith community says: workers are not expendable! #solidarity #RanaPlaza pic.twitter.com/oke7OtoLzh 
4/24 Solidarity with the garment workers of #RanaPlaza. @childrensplace it's time to #payup ! pic.twitter.com/wKhZ99WUoo 
4/21 Out front Kenny bakery in #washheights w/ @lwc_united & allies, fighting against wage theft & abuse! pic.twitter.com/5slAtVmuMX 
4/21 Call Liberato manager Nelson 718-584-5000 NOW & demand NO RETALIATION agnst workers! #LWC #1U 99pickets.org pic.twitter.com/POtXs1WI3x 
4/19 After standing w/workers inside Liberato we are outside calling on the Bronx restaurant to end wage theft, harassment pic.twitter.com/Z8Y9NetfPl 
4/19 "No mas abuso verbal!!" Workers are fighting against sexual harassment, wage theft and disrespect pic.twitter.com/0sRJdj6aOl 
4/19 "Justicia!" 100 supporters & @RMOinNYC march into Liberato w/workers delivering letter to management. pic.twitter.com/anS1xLFkii 
4/19 A toast to workers rights, an end to sexual harassment, and respect at work!! Inside Liberato in the #Bronx pic.twitter.com/GeCOdAsKqS 
4/19 LWC Roseanna and a fierce pack of Hunter and CUNY students pic.twitter.com/xDVfnqu0hM 
4/19 Getting ready to go to the location. Recounting past wins, uniting for a new struggle. pic.twitter.com/Uxacg3E3fF 
4/19 Before a laundry worker center action in the Bronx pic.twitter.com/1hrbFh5QQw 
4/13 Talking to a neighbor of @childrenplace CEO Jane Elfers. Do you know your neighbor uses sweatshop labor? #PAYUP pic.twitter.com/DOya7yyOre 
4/13 See you around the neighborhood soon! @ChildrensPlace, #PAYUP fair comp. to #ranaplaza victims orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/5JTPIdehRc 
4/12 There's someone home at the house of injustice! But shes not answering. #payup @childrensplace Orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/PykY7DVEc3 
4/12 Back at the home of @childrensplace CEO Elfers. "Hey Jane, what's the deal? Imagine how those orphans feel!" #PAYUP pic.twitter.com/Wo43PNjaJn 
4/12 Rude Mechanical Orchestra laying it down on the way to another neighbor of CEO Elders. #ChildrensPlace #PAYUP! pic.twitter.com/u4KmCftm9Y 
4/12 Next house!! Everybody in the neighborhood is learning about @childrensplace lack of accountability. #ShameOnJane pic.twitter.com/TaqMyDj2Sq 
4/12 “Do you know your neighbor... uses sweatshop labor?” #PAYUP @childrensplace! Orphansplace.com #1u #ShameOnJane pic.twitter.com/Jw90oY5YwK 
4/12 Now telling @childrensplace CEO Elfers' neighbors about her lack of accountability for deaths of 1,138 #BD workers pic.twitter.com/Z7XCdbWS8W 
4/12 Families of victims asking for $8 million, @childrensplace made $655 million profit, & CEO Elfers won't answer door pic.twitter.com/uLwNfFc56U 
4/12 "Jane Jane your house is nice! But mothers & children paid the price!" We stand w/BD workers. #PayUp @childrensplace! pic.twitter.com/82NSffhfqP 
4/12 So far no answer from @childrensplace CEO Elfers. Why won't they #payup fair compensation to Bangladesh victims? pic.twitter.com/SqAyFnbZPe 
4/12 . @Childrensplace CEO Elfers wouldn't speak to #bangladesh survivors yesterday, so today we're visiting her house pic.twitter.com/8cDFm5nUtu 
4/12 It's a beautiful day for a radical marching band in your neighborhood. @childrensplace #payup! Orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/KihfWmQtPf 
4/12 Heading to the home of @childrensplace CEO Jane Elfers to ask her why she won't #PayUp or talk 2 Bangladesh survivors pic.twitter.com/wakAUH0YGX 
4/9 .@FriezeNewYork goes union!! Congrats 2 the workers who fought 4 it, along w/@OWSArtsandLabor artsandlabor.org/solidarity-win… pic.twitter.com/rP7A52hEBe 
4/3 Stand with UPS workers unjustly fired in Maspeth, Queens! #teamsters #local 804 #UPS pic.twitter.com/YYVGS4Zbur 
4/2 Here at @MikeBloomberg house w/ @32BJ_SEIU demanding a fair contract for residential workers! pic.twitter.com/ZVWy87siDT 
3/28 SOLIDARITY w/@VerizonWireless workers who just filed 4 a union election at BK stores! Let's get ready for a fight!!! pic.twitter.com/2nOol4NRQe 
3/18 “Every penny every dime, we deserve our overtime!” Fast food workers say NO to wage theft in midtown Manhattan. pic.twitter.com/LJ9xTJIX5d 
3/18 . @Mcdonalds worker Rosa—“I can’t keep working for minimum wage and paying the bills I have to pay.” pic.twitter.com/9hxsSJo7g9 
3/18 RIGHT NOW: Workers speaking out about wage theft at @mcdonalds. “Shame on you Ronald!“ pic.twitter.com/gm7wjULqgD 
3/18 Back at Kenny Bakery this morning. We demand justice for Moraima! Wage theft and verbal abuse are wrong! #WashHeights pic.twitter.com/xhMOqLxQEs 
3/17 Only a snake steals from his workers. Kenny Bakery owner Iris Monaya: pay up now!! #WashHeights w/ @lwc_united pic.twitter.com/B4OwfPTHmy 
3/17 We demand justice for Moraima! Kenny Bakery: Wage theft & verbal abuse is WRONG @lwc_united #WashHeights pic.twitter.com/hsJimnf7vG 
3/10 In Wsh Heights supporting a worker who was fired for speaking out about sub-minimum wages @lwc_united @99pickets pic.twitter.com/YqjgDp73oV 
2/25 May 1st Coalition planning another exciting a May Day! Next mtg: 3-12-14 @630pm at 619 Lexington Ave pic.twitter.com/MwTlMLzWuq 
2/25 Workers from all across NYC coming to May Day happen! #maydayunionsq pic.twitter.com/rvJuRHPnC4 
2/20 Solidarity w/ @peacockNBC workers fighting for a voice at the workplace! Petition delivery @ #30Rock @WGAEast #1u pic.twitter.com/CBaRr43GKL 
2/20 .@kaplanintl thinks its teachers are disposable & don't deserve a fair contract. Thats the real #kaplanexperience. pic.twitter.com/evo335qpUG 
2/20 Teachers and students demand a dignified workplace to learn & grow. @kaplanintl can you hear us? #faircontactsnow pic.twitter.com/32HQWPGBlM 
2/20 Teachers at @kaplanintl joined the @nyguild for better working conditions and respect on the job. #kaplanexperience! pic.twitter.com/OZ4MAiXfV1 
2/19 Kaplan teachers & Scholastic writers deserve fair pay & benefits! Rally at Thu. 11:30am-1:30pm buff.ly/1f7nvPU pic.twitter.com/vgAgFXfIQL 
2/19 Another great meeting @99pickets #workersolidarity pic.twitter.com/tyKRxzttMj 
2/18 .@kaplanintl told teachers to misreport their hours to avoid paying overtime. Rally this Thu.! on.fb.me/1gPeslc pic.twitter.com/F1tGAroan3 
2/18 Education Worker Rally Thu 2/20, 11:30am-1:30pm. Support Kaplan teachers & Scholastic writers! on.fb.me/1gPeslc pic.twitter.com/BUxwRsf2Ra 
2/7 A “@ChildrensPlace” w/the blood of 1100+ workers on it. What’s wrong w/this picture? costoffashion.org #nyfw pic.twitter.com/M74VeJBvFu 
2/7 Heading to @childrensplace to demand they be accountable for lethal conditions at Bangladesh factories #nyfw pic.twitter.com/KfuiMaQfUM 
2/7 . @Walmart @gapinc @childrensplace we demand accountability for deaths of 1100+ workers costoffashion.org #nyfw pic.twitter.com/arf0Zbeq17 
2/7 MT @jeffrae Picket line happening now outside #nyfw in support of Bangladeshi workers #1u pic.twitter.com/739TtULgQf costoffashion.org 
2/7 New York’s finest defending @LincolnCenter against freedom of speech. #nypd #nyfw costoffashion.org pic.twitter.com/xxLGtfWgVz 
2/7 . @ChildrensPlace, @walmart, @gapinc sign the Accord & pay compensation to victims now! #nyfw costoffashion.org pic.twitter.com/uu9K0Uk9no 
2/7 Why is #CostOfFashion 1100+ workers’ lives? @childrensplace, @mango @jcpenny pay up! costoffashion.org #NYFW pic.twitter.com/VetWGqVGNq 
2/7 . @illuminator99 shows real #CostOfFashion. Standing in solidarity w/Bangladeshi families demanding Rana compensation pic.twitter.com/7sAiPBmHXa 
2/7 .@childrensplace Pay up! #CostOfFashion should not be measured in workers' lives! pic.twitter.com/5kmAKtN1wK 
2/7 From Bangladesh to New York City, exploitation's just not pretty! #NYFW #CostOfFashion pic.twitter.com/KIZOh55t9M 
1/31 RMO laying it down out front of @Wendys. Rehire Rynetta now!! pic.twitter.com/DBmO6e6HjY 
1/31 “What’s disgusting? Union busting!!“ @wendys, rehire Rynetta now! #99pkts out front 85 Nassau now pic.twitter.com/2weZWRpM7q 
1/31 Great protest tonight at @CapitalGrille. 2 years of workers' struggle -- the fight continues! @ROC_NY pic.twitter.com/393FpKsmV9 
1/24 Bam! Great picket line today. @Wendys, rehire Rynetta now! TAKE ACTION: on.fb.me/1dBNhXq #FastFoodStrikes pic.twitter.com/MpMbTT5AJv 
1/20 #Solidarity w/airport workers from the @Teamsters & @transportworker! #MLKDay More info: nytimes.com/2014/01/16/nyr… pic.twitter.com/r9Xl3RoWHC 
1/20 Airport worker Prince Jackson makes $8/hour: "I've been there from the beginning & will be there til victory is won." pic.twitter.com/gfvh34NVEH 
1/20 Hundreds gather to support airport workers organizing for fair pay. #1u #MLK pic.twitter.com/b5SqYb348U 
1/17 “Shame on you Kareem!!” @wendys, firing workers for organizing is ILLEGAL. We won’t stop until justice is served. pic.twitter.com/OTKAUPmPTd 
1/17 “We gonna beat! Back! The boss attack! Beat beat back, the boss attack!” 75+ workers & allies outside @Wendys pic.twitter.com/dzxpJDNwM1 
1/17 Every day more people out front @Wendys demanding worker illegally fired for organizing be rehired! pic.twitter.com/0oEok0GnqV 
1/16 50 people outside & none inside @wendys. Kickass rally for illegally fired pro-union worker #FastFoodStrikes #1u pic.twitter.com/eZsHUOg9lR 
1/15 Come out again tonight 4:45-5:45pm to support @Wendys worker fired 4 union organizing. 85 Nassau St near Fulton stop pic.twitter.com/KW6iQAYER9 
1/15 EMERGENCY ACTION last night at 85 Nassau St. in NYC, after a @Wendys worker was fired for union organizing. pic.twitter.com/Cl5yltkd5A 
12/20 On the first day at Amy’s, my bosses gave to me: bad wages for a bakery. #WhoMakesAmysBread 
12/19 Jingle all the way! Outta the restaurant... And onto the picket line! #99pkts at @CapitalGrille last night. pic.twitter.com/kiXjxu1MNV 
12/18 Rally w/@ScabbyTheRat at @DylansCandyBar! Sign the solidarity petition bit.ly/19n3wZf pic.twitter.com/45BtBYcM9Z 
12/12 TONITE 12/12: 99pkts screenprinting party & potluck! Here's image 1/5, by @blither facebook.com/events/4247616… pic.twitter.com/TCsQo1tTqx 
12/11 Psyched for our Thu. 12/12 screenprinting party & potluck! Thks to @InterferenceArc facebook.com/events/4247616… Preview: pic.twitter.com/MHgtLMLpN6 
12/6 Peaceful protest is a right! @revbillytalen faces yr in jail 4 singing in a bank. Sign, donate revbilly.com pic.twitter.com/fLtxXC2jZo 
12/4 #BofA refuses petition! What are they afraid of? #WorkerPower #AllOfUs pic.twitter.com/zKNqV7nEfT 
12/4 Alex, a #BofA bank teller & @TishJames to deliver petition to #BofA against outsourcing of teller jobs #allofus pic.twitter.com/u4BveWguhM 
12/4 Over 100 picketing Bank of America in midtown NYC: “Get up! Get down! Keep our tellers in this town.” #AllOfUs pic.twitter.com/v0MDf9R5rM 
12/4 “Outsourcing ain’t the way!” Assembling for march on #BofA. Community tellers are here to stay! #allofus pic.twitter.com/CAOFNdHUkz 
12/4 Call Kaplan NOW, support teachers fight 4 fair contract! 202-879-3939 #AllOfUs 99pickets.org/2013/12/04/cal… @classwarkitteh pic.twitter.com/wC1wr2QJZa 
12/4 “Grand Café, what do you say? WE WANT JUSTICE!!” Early AM demo inside @grandcafenyc 99pickets.org #AllOfUs pic.twitter.com/6VyjU2XB2G 
12/1 Support the #solidaritastic OWS Puppet Guild & get these awesome t-shirts! @Power2thePuppet localflux.net/project/Puppet… pic.twitter.com/LJI7Ecx722 
11/29 Justice is sweet!! @DylansCandyBar workers fighting for living wage, #justhours bit.ly/19n3wZf #BlackFriday pic.twitter.com/gvQ7meHdWx 
11/29 Elaine from @ForRespect: “I’m here to let @walmart know that we’re not standing back!” #WalmartStrikers pic.twitter.com/P1Qyt0xYO7 
11/29 “They say roll back, we say fight back!” The Walton family has more wealth than 42% of US combined. #WalmartStrikers pic.twitter.com/WD3euqiEe7 
11/26 Teachers get no holiday pay but students still pay full tuition! Time for a refund. #KaplanExperience #unfair pic.twitter.com/xV532FvXIn 
11/25 100s rally in Queens! Workers at @AmysBread are fighting for respect, security, health care. #WhoMakesAmysBread pic.twitter.com/Uu0kSvx5yu 
11/21 CAUTION: @bankteller, Outsouce-A-Tron replaces in-person @bankofamerica tellers w/ videos #TellerProbz #AllOfUs pic.twitter.com/bKE31ti3w5 
11/21 Picket line @BankofAmerica grows on wall street. #AllOfUs pic.twitter.com/RpC9RDXxxF 
11/21 At @bankofamerica, 95 wall st, community members picket against the use of video tellers, outsourcing #allofus pic.twitter.com/nftHgIN2sZ 
11/18 Rollback? No, FIGHTBACK! #RebrandWalmart in solidarity w/#WalmartStrikers. Price tags & signs: 99pickets.org/2012/12/12/how… pic.twitter.com/MrXxd4sUte 
11/18 Kickass people & puppets! MT @Power2thePuppet We're holding an open-house launch party tonite for our fundraiser. pic.twitter.com/ca0UUUFxnO 
10/30 “@darden, escucha! Estamos en la lucha!!” @ROC_NY @RWDSU: zombies & oompah loompahs unite! #1u pic.twitter.com/GRiVJcVXCI 
10/30 Solidarity in the streets!! @dylanscandybar workers marched 20 blocks to stand w/ @ROC_NY #1u #rmo pic.twitter.com/gNIKo9NToW 
10/30 “The workers, united, will never be defeated!!” @ROC_NY & @dylanscandybar workers join forces at @capitalgrille. #1u pic.twitter.com/jmOCBp3yOs 
10/30 “Dylan’s wages not so dandy! Are we worth a pound of candy?!?” @dylanscandybar: fair pay & #justhours NOW!!! pic.twitter.com/W4HrFrvV0E 
10/30 “Workers need a living wage! Snickers snickers milky way Milky Way!” @dylanscandybar workers rallying for fair pay. pic.twitter.com/EMxJNtqZ3v 
10/29 .@ScabbyTheRat is at Golden Farm until Sonny Kim gives workers a fair contract! @Local338 pic.twitter.com/Dao8VszEf1 
10/26 Hilarious #KaplanExperience dramatization by Kaplan teachers. Fair contract now!! #1u bit.ly/kaplanpetition pic.twitter.com/QXCFPsNJLv 
10/26 Enough is enough: @DylansCandyBar needs to start treating workers fairly. Sign petition now! ow.ly/pPSTz pic.twitter.com/JLAlRuOFxK 
10/23 “Kaplan students know what’s right. Join your teachers in the fight!” #KaplanExperience 99pickets.org/kaplan pic.twitter.com/JhcLkvhvjm 
10/23 Today #99pkts & RMO took a field trip inside @kaplanintl & told them to sign a fair contract w/Kaplan teachers!! pic.twitter.com/4ts6r7Iti2 
10/23 Getting ready… @KaplanIntl: sign a fair contract w/your teachers now! 99pickets.org/kaplan #KaplanExperience pic.twitter.com/w0Vkh5D0V3 
10/18 Donuts for justice! Workers, ROC & #99pkts members blanketing @grandcafenyc w/flyers. Rehire the workers now!! #1u pic.twitter.com/bB7lhsX16o 
10/16 Rally coming up next week at the NYC Triangle building, 6 month anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh pic.twitter.com/SNzd92iJ2j 
10/11 Students know teachers deserve sick days! @KaplanIntl stop draggin ur feet, fair contract now! bit.ly/19ZXr8u pic.twitter.com/sA4Alm8dP3 
10/11 What’s the #KaplanExperience w/o teachers? Nothing! Thats why students r signing this petition bit.ly/19ZXr8u pic.twitter.com/Wsoj3jH9D4 
10/11 Great day w/@aBetterKaplan teachers & #99pkts telling students about fight for fair pay, benefits. #KaplanExperience pic.twitter.com/jL1Tub6hxH 
10/11 Beautiful bond between teacher & student. #KaplanExperience STUDENTS FOR A FAIR CONTRACT NOW! bit.ly/19ZXr8u pic.twitter.com/mqYMvtqXfd