99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity


WNYC Report on New Day New York Week of Action  


Customers sipping coffee and reading the paper at the Grand Café, outside of Grand Central Terminal had their quiet morning smashed by a dozen protesters and the Rude Mechanical Orchestra marching band.  They claimed four workers were unfairly fired for organizing.

Restaurant Union Workers Win Historic Victory in New York City


From Alternet: The restaurant workers who were fired and locked out of their store for organizing a union have won…

Bakery Workers Occupy Hot & Crusty When Owner Closes It Down Rather Than Allow Union


From the Village Voice: Friday was the last day that the Hot & Crusty bakery on 63rd and 2nd Avenue…

Cops Save Verizon Again


From CWA Local 1101: Police assistance was again needed last Thursday morning to dispatch technicians at Verizon garage locations in…

Occupied Stories on Justice for Jazz Artists


From Occupied Stories, a firsthand account of yesterday’s Justice for Jazz Artists march which 99 Pickets Brigade members attended. From what…

Restaurant Workers Get Support


From Worker’s World: A strong, multinational protest took place on July 19 in front of the Capital Grille on East…

Zuccotti at Work: Daydreams of a Rank and Filer


Great article from 99 Pickets member Amy Muldoon: Occupy Wall Street, with all its explosive force and lovely razor-clean language…

Workers Win Historic Election for Union Representation at New York Restaurant Chain Hot and Crusty


Citing Company-Wide Wage Theft, Safety Violations, Verbal Abuse and Sexual Harassment, Workers Vote for Independent Union in 12 to 8…

Solidarity in Action: “99 Pickets” Picking Up Steam as May Day Approaches


From Occupy Wall St.: Workers across New York City are organizing “99 Picket Lines” building up to May Day, where…

Sotheby’s Teamsters and OWS protest The Scream auction


From Waging Nonviolence: The idea for the protest emerged from the “99 Pickets” that were organized by OWS as part…