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11/26 Teachers get no holiday pay but students still pay full tuition! Time for a refund. #KaplanExperience #unfair pic.twitter.com/xV532FvXIn 
10/26 Hilarious #KaplanExperience dramatization by Kaplan teachers. Fair contract now!! #1u bit.ly/kaplanpetition pic.twitter.com/QXCFPsNJLv 
10/23 “Kaplan students know what’s right. Join your teachers in the fight!” #KaplanExperience 99pickets.org/kaplan pic.twitter.com/JhcLkvhvjm 
10/23 Today #99pkts & RMO took a field trip inside @kaplanintl & told them to sign a fair contract w/Kaplan teachers!! pic.twitter.com/4ts6r7Iti2 
10/23 Getting ready… @KaplanIntl: sign a fair contract w/your teachers now! 99pickets.org/kaplan #KaplanExperience pic.twitter.com/w0Vkh5D0V3 
10/11 Students know teachers deserve sick days! @KaplanIntl stop draggin ur feet, fair contract now! bit.ly/19ZXr8u pic.twitter.com/sA4Alm8dP3 
10/11 What’s the #KaplanExperience w/o teachers? Nothing! Thats why students r signing this petition bit.ly/19ZXr8u pic.twitter.com/Wsoj3jH9D4 
10/11 Beautiful bond between teacher & student. #KaplanExperience STUDENTS FOR A FAIR CONTRACT NOW! bit.ly/19ZXr8u pic.twitter.com/mqYMvtqXfd 

Since teachers at NYC branches of Kaplan International voted to unionize last November, management has dragged its heels in negotiations, refusing to discuss fair pay, sick days, holidays, and other basic benefits for “part-time workers”, who work 30+ hours a week and make up 90% of the workforce.

Kaplan teachers are stepping up the pressure on management. We stand in solidarity with them. We’ll be watching, and we won’t let up until a fair contract is signed!

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