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We support the workers of the Guitar Center chain, who have been organizing into unions all across the United States, including the 14th Street New York City location. Workers at the unionized 14th Street Guitar Center are demanding for a fair contract now, one that includes better wages and fair and clear scheduling.

The workers of the 14th street store voted to unionize as part of the RWDSU (Retail Wholesale Department Store Union) in 2013, but they have not gotten a contract from management. The management of the 14th street store has been actively trying to get employees to turn against the union.

Sign a petition to support Guitar Center workers, along with famous musicians such as Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine.

In 2007, failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s old firm Bain Capital, bought Guitar Center for $2.1 billion. Since Bain’s takeover of the company, wages have gone down and management has saddled employees with responsibilities not in their job descriptions. Furthermore, increased responsibilities and promotions are no longer tied to pay raises.

The 14th Street store is the most profitable in the country, and yet little of the profits go back to the employees. Workers at the store make minimum wage plus commission, but only after they hit a high threshold of sales. It also means that tasks required of the workers–stocking or teaching a class-cut into their ability to make a wage.

Sign a petition here to support Guitar Center workers.

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