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While the 99% at Cablevision are trying to make ends meet, in 2011 Cablevision CEO James Dolan made $11.45 million, nearly as much as the total compensation for all of the 282 workers’ pay and benefits combined. In the last five years the top six executives’ compensation totaled $346.4 million dollars- an average of $57.7 million apiece. Cablevision workers are tired of their poor working conditions, lousy healthcare coverage and sham retirement plans. Cablevision’s workers are demanding the right to join a union and negotiate a fair contract that will provide the job security and compensation necessary to support their families.

On January 26, 2012 the workers in Brooklyn voted to join the CWA and still do not have a fair contract signed. Instead, James Dolan recently illegally fired 22 workers for attempting to have a meeting to discuss the lack of good-faith bargaining by the company and to express support for their bargaining committee – both activities protected by federal law.

This campaign for a voice on the job and respect for Cablevision employees is sponsored by the Communications Workers of America, CWA.  For more information, see the campaign website.

   99 Pickets supports this campaign by publicizing their events; building connections between workers, organizers, and activists; and organizing our own actions in solidarity.

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