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NYC Worker Solidarity

On #BlackFriday, Join Walmart Workers Fasting for $15/hour


Join OUR Walmart–organized by current and former Walmart workers–in actions around the country on Black Friday as members break their hunger strike calling for $15/hour and full-time. NYC action is at 9am.

From Politico Morning Shift: WAL-MART BRACES FOR BLACK FRIDAY: Wal-Mart is getting twice the usual attention this Black Friday thanks to a schism among the activists who target the retail giant’s labor practices. OUR Wal-Mart, which is no longer affiliated with the United Food and Commercial Workers, will hold protests outside of Wal-Mart stores in New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and various other cities. The protesters will demand a $15 hourly minimum at Wal-Mart and more full-time work for those Wal-Mart workers who seek it.

The UFCW, meanwhile, will pressure the company via its own Making Change at Wal-Mart campaign. Instead of Black Friday rallies it will organize a “Black Friday Week of Action” that will include local food drives and a television ad campaign to tell Wal-Mart that “no hardworking family should go hungry.