99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity

Solidarity Call-in to Liberato


Saturday 9/5 12-2pm, Sunday 9/6 12-2pm, Monday 9/7 12-2pm

Workers have been organizing at the famous Liberato restaurant in the Bronx for several months now. But the restaurant still refuses to pay even minimum wage to their workers, and they are harassing worker leaders by arbitrarily changing their duties and work schedules.

This is all illegal but workers need the support of the community to fight back against these injustices. That’s why 99 Pickets is calling for a solidarity call-in to Liberato restaurant managers to let them know that the NYC labor community–and beyond–will not tolerate retaliation, or paying below the legally-mandated minimum wage.

What you can do:

1. Call Liberato at (718) 584-5000 and ask for managers Nelson or Josefina. Tell them that you’re from the community, and that if Liberato doesn’t start paying workers minimum wage NOW, and stop harassing workers, we we’ll be on their doorstep.

Keep the pressure up! Call TODAY 9/5 12-2pm, Sunday 9/6 12-2pm, Monday 9/7 12-2pm.

2. Invite your friends to this FB event, or forward this page to them.

3. Be on the lookout for upcoming on-the-ground actions at Liberato in the Bronx.