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Monthly Archives: June 2014

6/11 .@IWWNYC @brandworkers @lwc_united @99pickets holding it down at @amysbread -- we'll be back! amysbread.brandworkers.org pic.twitter.com/iRgSaoP3Bx 
6/11 "Workers first, bread second!" At @amysbread talking to customers, see amysbread.brandworkeers.org #whomakesamysbread pic.twitter.com/zHP9a4gCZT 
6/11 Workers unite! Telling @amysbread customers about the bakers' campaign for justice @brandworkers @lwc_united pic.twitter.com/uFQ2pArYBV 
6/11 Dozens of workers & allies outside @amysbread telling customers about workers' fight for fair pay & benefits #1u pic.twitter.com/v1GkFWYoie 
6/10 Happening now! Presser demanding end to wage theft, verbal abuse & intimidation at BX resturant Liberato. @lwc_united pic.twitter.com/wYxAIy1YPw 
6/7 .@brandworkers solidarity BBQ last nite: Much respect for @TomCatBakery workers organizing for better conditions! #1u pic.twitter.com/ECOyslqtyN 
6/6 Extremely disturbing MT @syndicalisms Striking Sao Paulo subway workers attacked by cops youtu.be/g0eznzSdGGc pic.twitter.com/X2Ice65da8 
6/4 Unions, worker centers, community groups--NYC says NO to Walmart's dirty money @WMTFreeNYC #walmartfreeNYC pic.twitter.com/oysMfX6eL9 
6/4 "What do we want?? GOOD JOBS! When do we want them? NOW!" @WMTFreeNYC #WalmartStrikers #WalmartEconomy pic.twitter.com/en8jcoosLA 
6/4 . @Childrensplace shareholder code of conduct doesn’t seem to include accountability for 1138+ deaths in BD $PLCE pic.twitter.com/8hW7vP69ME 
6/4 We stand in solidarity w/Bangladeshi workers organizing for safe factories & victims compensation fund @ILRF @USAS pic.twitter.com/BGwgoYhQzZ 
6/4 Secaucus police here 2 stop shareholders from hearing truth about @childrensplace deaths $PLCE orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/qLJKKDJuud 
6/4 .@childrensplace security says die-in must end. What about the Bangladeshi workers who died in CP factories? $PLCE pic.twitter.com/ygFcfiPP8Y 
6/4 Photos of #RanaPlaza victims' families placed inside @childrensplace shareholder meeting orphansplace.com $PLCE pic.twitter.com/rBU7ssZpSd 
6/4 beautiful @childrensplace lobby--$655 million profit--lots of $$ for security but no $ for BD victims $PLCE pic.twitter.com/oYXoDIybMI 
6/4 Good news at @Childrensplace annual meeting: $655 million profit last year! So why won’t they #payup 2 BD victims? pic.twitter.com/jAiOW3CFIg 
6/4 .@childrensplace security telling us 2 leave. We won't let up till they #payup 2 BD victims! orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/yMpqEsiDbg 
6/4 1,138 workers died in Bangladesh factory collapse where @childrensplace clothing is made. Why won’t CP #payup? #1u pic.twitter.com/cuUwgfV77A 
6/4 We’re at @childrensplace shareholder meeting in solidarity w/Bangladeshi workers organizing agnst factory deathtraps pic.twitter.com/JVJxmti4eE 
6/4 We’re heading to @childrensplace shareholder meeting w/ @USAS & @ILRF. CP, #payup 2 #RanaPlaza victims families now! pic.twitter.com/TZokPs9zlE