99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity

EMERGENCY ACTION: Call Liberato’s Owner and Defend Worker Organizing


liberato_callin_finalBREAKING: Bronx restaurant Liberato just threatened to fire two workers organizing with the Laundry Workers Center against wage theft, sexual harassment, and abuse.

HOW CAN YOU HELP: Call Liberato’s owner Manuel Antonio Liberato at cell 201-218-1811 TONIGHT (5/28) 5-9pm and tell him we won’t tolerate the dismissal of any workers from the organizing campaign.

Phone busy? That’s a good sign–keep trying until you get through! Threatening workers is totally unacceptable!

–Suggested script–

Good Afternoon, May I speak to Manuel Antonio Liberato? I am calling on behalf of NYC community to tell you that we will not tolerate the dismissal of Maggy or Angie or any other employee who is member of the organizing campaign. The dismissal of any employee will be against our community. We hope that you reach a solution soon with the workers.
Mobile: 201-218-1811

Buenas tardes, ¿ Está el Sr. Manuel Antonio Liberato? Le estamos llamando por parte de la comunidad de Nueva York para decirle que no toleraremos el despido de Maggy o Angie o cualquier otro trabajador que forme parte de la campaña organizativa. El despido iría en contra de nuestra comunidad. Esperemos que lleguen a una solución lo más pronto posible.
Møvil 201-218-1811