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Global Day of Action For Victims of Rana Plaza Collapse  


On April 24th, the International Labor Rights Forum, along with 99 Pickets and activists from labor unions, held an action at the Children’s Place store at Union Square in NYC to call attention to both Children’s Place and Walmart’s refusal to fairly compensate the families of victims of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh last year.  Photos of the action here.

4/28 "¡Justicia ahora!" On #May1 fight for immigrant rights & respect in the workplace #iwjtour2014 buff.ly/QRQbnc pic.twitter.com/DYBlxzNxFB 
4/28 The only secure community is an organized one! #MayDay is OUR day. See you in the streets! on.fb.me/1iqIN8u pic.twitter.com/5KfrrWOBpZ 
4/24 Delivering a letter to @childrensplace Pay up now! pic.twitter.com/PmIVlKVNQy 
4/24 #NYC 'a faith community says: workers are not expendable! #solidarity #RanaPlaza pic.twitter.com/oke7OtoLzh 
4/24 Solidarity with the garment workers of #RanaPlaza. @childrensplace it's time to #payup ! pic.twitter.com/wKhZ99WUoo 

May Day Immigrant Worker Justice Tour!!


[Español] May Day is fast approaching, which means its almost time for the 3rd Annual Immigrant Worker Justice Tour!

Join our march on International Workers Day as hundreds of us take to the streets of NYC to demand dignity, justice and respect for workers and immigrants everywhere. This years tour will be highlighting struggles throughout NYC, as well as those of our sisters and brothers across the US and around the world.

Meet up is 12:30PM at Washington Square Park (by the fountain), where we’ll head off to over a dozen targets throughout Lower Manhattan to demand an end to wage theft, exploitation, inhumane and unsafe working conditions, privatization, the deportation, detention and criminalization of immigrant communities, and attacks on people of color and the poor both here and abroad.

4/21 Out front Kenny bakery in #washheights w/ @lwc_united & allies, fighting against wage theft & abuse! pic.twitter.com/5slAtVmuMX 
4/21 Call Liberato manager Nelson 718-584-5000 NOW & demand NO RETALIATION agnst workers! #LWC #1U 99pickets.org pic.twitter.com/POtXs1WI3x 
4/19 After standing w/workers inside Liberato we are outside calling on the Bronx restaurant to end wage theft, harassment pic.twitter.com/Z8Y9NetfPl 
4/19 "No mas abuso verbal!!" Workers are fighting against sexual harassment, wage theft and disrespect pic.twitter.com/0sRJdj6aOl 
4/19 "Justicia!" 100 supporters & @RMOinNYC march into Liberato w/workers delivering letter to management. pic.twitter.com/anS1xLFkii 
4/19 A toast to workers rights, an end to sexual harassment, and respect at work!! Inside Liberato in the #Bronx pic.twitter.com/GeCOdAsKqS 
4/19 LWC Roseanna and a fierce pack of Hunter and CUNY students pic.twitter.com/xDVfnqu0hM 
4/19 Getting ready to go to the location. Recounting past wins, uniting for a new struggle. pic.twitter.com/Uxacg3E3fF 
4/19 Before a laundry worker center action in the Bronx pic.twitter.com/1hrbFh5QQw 
4/13 Talking to a neighbor of @childrenplace CEO Jane Elfers. Do you know your neighbor uses sweatshop labor? #PAYUP pic.twitter.com/DOya7yyOre 
4/13 See you around the neighborhood soon! @ChildrensPlace, #PAYUP fair comp. to #ranaplaza victims orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/5JTPIdehRc 

At Her Allendale Home, Activists Call On Children’s Place CEO to Take Responsibility for Bangladesh Deaths


For Immediate Release Press Contact: Matt Plummer, 99 Pickets, 99pickets@gmail.com Photos and videos: http://tiny.cc/99pkts-allendale More information: 99pickets.org, orphansplace.com Allendale, NJ…

4/12 There's someone home at the house of injustice! But shes not answering. #payup @childrensplace Orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/PykY7DVEc3 
4/12 Back at the home of @childrensplace CEO Elfers. "Hey Jane, what's the deal? Imagine how those orphans feel!" #PAYUP pic.twitter.com/Wo43PNjaJn 
4/12 Rude Mechanical Orchestra laying it down on the way to another neighbor of CEO Elders. #ChildrensPlace #PAYUP! pic.twitter.com/u4KmCftm9Y 
4/12 Next house!! Everybody in the neighborhood is learning about @childrensplace lack of accountability. #ShameOnJane pic.twitter.com/TaqMyDj2Sq 
4/12 “Do you know your neighbor... uses sweatshop labor?” #PAYUP @childrensplace! Orphansplace.com #1u #ShameOnJane pic.twitter.com/Jw90oY5YwK 
4/12 Now telling @childrensplace CEO Elfers' neighbors about her lack of accountability for deaths of 1,138 #BD workers pic.twitter.com/Z7XCdbWS8W 
4/12 Families of victims asking for $8 million, @childrensplace made $655 million profit, & CEO Elfers won't answer door pic.twitter.com/uLwNfFc56U 
4/12 "Jane Jane your house is nice! But mothers & children paid the price!" We stand w/BD workers. #PayUp @childrensplace! pic.twitter.com/82NSffhfqP 
4/12 So far no answer from @childrensplace CEO Elfers. Why won't they #payup fair compensation to Bangladesh victims? pic.twitter.com/SqAyFnbZPe 
4/12 . @Childrensplace CEO Elfers wouldn't speak to #bangladesh survivors yesterday, so today we're visiting her house pic.twitter.com/8cDFm5nUtu 
4/12 It's a beautiful day for a radical marching band in your neighborhood. @childrensplace #payup! Orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/KihfWmQtPf 
4/12 Heading to the home of @childrensplace CEO Jane Elfers to ask her why she won't #PayUp or talk 2 Bangladesh survivors pic.twitter.com/wakAUH0YGX 

Solidarity Wins! Frieze New York Goes Union


From Arts & Labor: http://artsandlabor.org/solidarity-wins-frieze-new-york-goes-union/ For Immediate Release Contact: owsartsandlabor@gmail.com Unions, including Teamsters Joint Council 16 and IATSE, have reached…

4/9 .@FriezeNewYork goes union!! Congrats 2 the workers who fought 4 it, along w/@OWSArtsandLabor artsandlabor.org/solidarity-win… pic.twitter.com/rP7A52hEBe 
4/3 Stand with UPS workers unjustly fired in Maspeth, Queens! #teamsters #local 804 #UPS pic.twitter.com/YYVGS4Zbur 
4/2 Here at @MikeBloomberg house w/ @32BJ_SEIU demanding a fair contract for residential workers! pic.twitter.com/ZVWy87siDT