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3/28 SOLIDARITY w/@VerizonWireless workers who just filed 4 a union election at BK stores! Let's get ready for a fight!!! pic.twitter.com/2nOol4NRQe 
3/18 “Every penny every dime, we deserve our overtime!” Fast food workers say NO to wage theft in midtown Manhattan. pic.twitter.com/LJ9xTJIX5d 
3/18 . @Mcdonalds worker Rosa—“I can’t keep working for minimum wage and paying the bills I have to pay.” pic.twitter.com/9hxsSJo7g9 
3/18 RIGHT NOW: Workers speaking out about wage theft at @mcdonalds. “Shame on you Ronald!“ pic.twitter.com/gm7wjULqgD 
3/18 Back at Kenny Bakery this morning. We demand justice for Moraima! Wage theft and verbal abuse are wrong! #WashHeights pic.twitter.com/xhMOqLxQEs 
3/17 Only a snake steals from his workers. Kenny Bakery owner Iris Monaya: pay up now!! #WashHeights w/ @lwc_united pic.twitter.com/B4OwfPTHmy 
3/17 We demand justice for Moraima! Kenny Bakery: Wage theft & verbal abuse is WRONG @lwc_united #WashHeights pic.twitter.com/hsJimnf7vG 

City Workers From Across Unions Met and Mobilized Around Campaign for Fair Pay


From the MORE Caucus NEW YORK: Over 75 rank and file union members gathered on Thursday (3/7/2014) night to mobilize…

3/10 In Wsh Heights supporting a worker who was fired for speaking out about sub-minimum wages @lwc_united @99pickets pic.twitter.com/YqjgDp73oV