99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity

Protesting Fashion’s Killers at NYFW


From VICE:

by Peter Rugh

A large white van parked in front of Lincoln Center, in uptown Manhattan, on Thursday evening. Its roof opened up, and a portable projection device popped out, taking aim at the sprawling, block-long complex that was hosting one of the most prestigious events in the world of high-end retail. Images captured in the aftermath of a disaster began flashing on Lincoln Center’s white walls: dead bodies covered by blankets and lined up in a row, the pain-distorted face of a woman carried on a stretcher, a man letting out an anguished scream.

Inside, New York Fashion Week was underway. Tall, skinny people strutted back and forth to the cicada-like snap of cameras flashing. Outside, beneath the images of despair, a group of labor activists were also marching back and forth, chanting and beating drums.

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