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Voices of Protest Mark Fashion Week


From NY City Lens A group of demonstrators urged retailers to push for safe factory conditions in Bangladesh by Anand…

2/25 May 1st Coalition planning another exciting a May Day! Next mtg: 3-12-14 @630pm at 619 Lexington Ave pic.twitter.com/MwTlMLzWuq 
2/25 Workers from all across NYC coming to May Day happen! #maydayunionsq pic.twitter.com/rvJuRHPnC4 
2/20 Solidarity w/ @peacockNBC workers fighting for a voice at the workplace! Petition delivery @ #30Rock @WGAEast #1u pic.twitter.com/CBaRr43GKL 
2/20 .@kaplanintl thinks its teachers are disposable & don't deserve a fair contract. Thats the real #kaplanexperience. pic.twitter.com/evo335qpUG 
2/20 Teachers and students demand a dignified workplace to learn & grow. @kaplanintl can you hear us? #faircontactsnow pic.twitter.com/32HQWPGBlM 
2/20 Teachers at @kaplanintl joined the @nyguild for better working conditions and respect on the job. #kaplanexperience! pic.twitter.com/OZ4MAiXfV1 
2/19 Kaplan teachers & Scholastic writers deserve fair pay & benefits! Rally at Thu. 11:30am-1:30pm buff.ly/1f7nvPU pic.twitter.com/vgAgFXfIQL 
2/19 Another great meeting @99pickets #workersolidarity pic.twitter.com/tyKRxzttMj 
2/18 .@kaplanintl told teachers to misreport their hours to avoid paying overtime. Rally this Thu.! on.fb.me/1gPeslc pic.twitter.com/F1tGAroan3 
2/18 Education Worker Rally Thu 2/20, 11:30am-1:30pm. Support Kaplan teachers & Scholastic writers! on.fb.me/1gPeslc pic.twitter.com/BUxwRsf2Ra 

Protesting Fashion’s Killers at NYFW


From VICE: by Peter Rugh A large white van parked in front of Lincoln Center, in uptown Manhattan, on Thursday…

Bankrupt Domino’s Franchisee in New York To Pay $1.2 Million to 61 Pizza Deliverers


http://nmass.org/?p=262 From Daily Labor Report: “The district court allowed Legal Aid to include corporate Domino’s, the franchisor, as a defendant based…

99 Pickets Monthly Meetings – 5 MINUTE SURVEY / 99 Pickets Reunión Mensual – ENCUESTA 5 MINUTOS


Since August 2013, 99 Pickets has hosted a monthly meeting for workers, organizers and activists across NYC, to share information about their campaigns and discuss important issues in worker organizing. We’ve had five meetings so far, and would love to get your feedback to improve the meetings.

2/7 A “@ChildrensPlace” w/the blood of 1100+ workers on it. What’s wrong w/this picture? costoffashion.org #nyfw pic.twitter.com/M74VeJBvFu 
2/7 Heading to @childrensplace to demand they be accountable for lethal conditions at Bangladesh factories #nyfw pic.twitter.com/KfuiMaQfUM 
2/7 . @Walmart @gapinc @childrensplace we demand accountability for deaths of 1100+ workers costoffashion.org #nyfw pic.twitter.com/arf0Zbeq17 
2/7 MT @jeffrae Picket line happening now outside #nyfw in support of Bangladeshi workers #1u pic.twitter.com/739TtULgQf costoffashion.org 
2/7 New York’s finest defending @LincolnCenter against freedom of speech. #nypd #nyfw costoffashion.org pic.twitter.com/xxLGtfWgVz 
2/7 . @ChildrensPlace, @walmart, @gapinc sign the Accord & pay compensation to victims now! #nyfw costoffashion.org pic.twitter.com/uu9K0Uk9no 
2/7 Why is #CostOfFashion 1100+ workers’ lives? @childrensplace, @mango @jcpenny pay up! costoffashion.org #NYFW pic.twitter.com/VetWGqVGNq 
2/7 . @illuminator99 shows real #CostOfFashion. Standing in solidarity w/Bangladeshi families demanding Rana compensation pic.twitter.com/7sAiPBmHXa 
2/7 .@childrensplace Pay up! #CostOfFashion should not be measured in workers' lives! pic.twitter.com/5kmAKtN1wK 
2/7 From Bangladesh to New York City, exploitation's just not pretty! #NYFW #CostOfFashion pic.twitter.com/KIZOh55t9M 

Press Release: U.S. Clothing Brands Must Compensate the Victims of Garment Tragedies in Bangladesh


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: 99pickets@gmail.com When: Thursday, February 6, 2014, 6pm Where: Lincoln Center, New York Fashion Week What: 99 Pickets, in collaboration…

Support City Workers! Full Retro Pay!


(read and sign the full petition here:  http://chn.ge/1cFeQTo) For most of the past five years, the city of New York’s…