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Monthly Archives: January 2014

1/31 RMO laying it down out front of @Wendys. Rehire Rynetta now!! pic.twitter.com/DBmO6e6HjY 
1/31 “What’s disgusting? Union busting!!“ @wendys, rehire Rynetta now! #99pkts out front 85 Nassau now pic.twitter.com/2weZWRpM7q 
1/31 Great protest tonight at @CapitalGrille. 2 years of workers' struggle -- the fight continues! @ROC_NY pic.twitter.com/393FpKsmV9 
1/24 Bam! Great picket line today. @Wendys, rehire Rynetta now! TAKE ACTION: on.fb.me/1dBNhXq #FastFoodStrikes pic.twitter.com/MpMbTT5AJv 

CANCELLED: Next 99 Pickets Monthly Meeting: Thursday Feb. 13 6-8pm


On the second Thursday of every month, workers and organizers from campaigns around the city gather to learn what’s happening in NYC.

1/20 #Solidarity w/airport workers from the @Teamsters & @transportworker! #MLKDay More info: nytimes.com/2014/01/16/nyr… pic.twitter.com/r9Xl3RoWHC 
1/20 Airport worker Prince Jackson makes $8/hour: "I've been there from the beginning & will be there til victory is won." pic.twitter.com/gfvh34NVEH 
1/20 Hundreds gather to support airport workers organizing for fair pay. #1u #MLK pic.twitter.com/b5SqYb348U 
1/17 “Shame on you Kareem!!” @wendys, firing workers for organizing is ILLEGAL. We won’t stop until justice is served. pic.twitter.com/OTKAUPmPTd 
1/17 “We gonna beat! Back! The boss attack! Beat beat back, the boss attack!” 75+ workers & allies outside @Wendys pic.twitter.com/dzxpJDNwM1 
1/17 Every day more people out front @Wendys demanding worker illegally fired for organizing be rehired! pic.twitter.com/0oEok0GnqV 
1/16 50 people outside & none inside @wendys. Kickass rally for illegally fired pro-union worker #FastFoodStrikes #1u pic.twitter.com/eZsHUOg9lR 
1/15 Come out again tonight 4:45-5:45pm to support @Wendys worker fired 4 union organizing. 85 Nassau St near Fulton stop pic.twitter.com/KW6iQAYER9 
1/15 EMERGENCY ACTION last night at 85 Nassau St. in NYC, after a @Wendys worker was fired for union organizing. pic.twitter.com/Cl5yltkd5A