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10/30 “@darden, escucha! Estamos en la lucha!!” @ROC_NY @RWDSU: zombies & oompah loompahs unite! #1u pic.twitter.com/GRiVJcVXCI 
10/30 Solidarity in the streets!! @dylanscandybar workers marched 20 blocks to stand w/ @ROC_NY #1u #rmo pic.twitter.com/gNIKo9NToW 
10/30 “The workers, united, will never be defeated!!” @ROC_NY & @dylanscandybar workers join forces at @capitalgrille. #1u pic.twitter.com/jmOCBp3yOs 
10/30 “Dylan’s wages not so dandy! Are we worth a pound of candy?!?” @dylanscandybar: fair pay & #justhours NOW!!! pic.twitter.com/W4HrFrvV0E 
10/30 “Workers need a living wage! Snickers snickers milky way Milky Way!” @dylanscandybar workers rallying for fair pay. pic.twitter.com/EMxJNtqZ3v 
10/29 .@ScabbyTheRat is at Golden Farm until Sonny Kim gives workers a fair contract! @Local338 pic.twitter.com/Dao8VszEf1 
10/26 Hilarious #KaplanExperience dramatization by Kaplan teachers. Fair contract now!! #1u bit.ly/kaplanpetition pic.twitter.com/QXCFPsNJLv 
10/26 Enough is enough: @DylansCandyBar needs to start treating workers fairly. Sign petition now! ow.ly/pPSTz pic.twitter.com/JLAlRuOFxK 

Today we took a field trip to Kaplan Intl and told them to sign…  


Today we took a field trip to Kaplan Intl and told them to sign a fair contract now w/their teachers! Huge thanks to Rude Mechanical Orchestra for “Which Side Are You On?” http://99pickets.org/kaplan

10/23 “Kaplan students know what’s right. Join your teachers in the fight!” #KaplanExperience 99pickets.org/kaplan pic.twitter.com/JhcLkvhvjm 
10/23 Today #99pkts & RMO took a field trip inside @kaplanintl & told them to sign a fair contract w/Kaplan teachers!! pic.twitter.com/4ts6r7Iti2 

Getting ready… Kaplan Intl: sign a fair contract w/your…  


Getting ready… Kaplan Intl: sign a fair contract w/your teachers now! http://99pickets.org/kaplan

10/23 Getting ready… @KaplanIntl: sign a fair contract w/your teachers now! 99pickets.org/kaplan #KaplanExperience pic.twitter.com/w0Vkh5D0V3 
10/18 Donuts for justice! Workers, ROC & #99pkts members blanketing @grandcafenyc w/flyers. Rehire the workers now!! #1u pic.twitter.com/bB7lhsX16o 
10/16 Rally coming up next week at the NYC Triangle building, 6 month anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh pic.twitter.com/SNzd92iJ2j 

Grand Cafe Solidarity Call-in on Friday, Oct. 18


Since immigrant workers at Grand Café, a deli near Grand Central Station, began organizing against wage theft, intimidation and abuse…

10/11 Students know teachers deserve sick days! @KaplanIntl stop draggin ur feet, fair contract now! bit.ly/19ZXr8u pic.twitter.com/sA4Alm8dP3 
10/11 What’s the #KaplanExperience w/o teachers? Nothing! Thats why students r signing this petition bit.ly/19ZXr8u pic.twitter.com/Wsoj3jH9D4 
10/11 Great day w/@aBetterKaplan teachers & #99pkts telling students about fight for fair pay, benefits. #KaplanExperience pic.twitter.com/jL1Tub6hxH 
10/11 Beautiful bond between teacher & student. #KaplanExperience STUDENTS FOR A FAIR CONTRACT NOW! bit.ly/19ZXr8u pic.twitter.com/mqYMvtqXfd 

For over a year, Kaplan teachers have been fighting for decent…  


For over a year, Kaplan teachers have been fighting for decent pay and basic benefits. In this video, they explain the REAL “Kaplan Experience”.

Support them by signing their petition: http://bit.ly/19ZXr8u

Laundry Workers Center Immigration Clinic on Oct. 11


Don’t miss this immigration clinic from the kickass grassroots Laundry Workers Center: Do you want to know what is happening…

People’s Global Action Conference


99 Pickets is excited to be a part of the People’s Global Action 2013 Conference. Come join us tomorrow (10/3)…