99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity

Hungry for Justice Fundraiser and Celebration!


From our friends at the Restaurant Opportunities Center:

Restaurant workers are Hungry for Justice in the restaurant industry!

And here at ROC-NY, it is a constant reminder of why we do what we do. But the hunger is not just in our bellies or the bellies of our children, although that is nothing short of the reality that many of us face in an industry that has claimed 7 of the 10 lowest paying jobs in the nation. The hunger that drives us is also one of a deep desire for healthy and safe work environments, equal opportunities, job security, and above all, dignified lives. Our collective vision is clear and simple: we want bread, but we fight for roses too.

Support our work! A donation of $50 or more* will get you a free ticket to our Hungry for Justice celebration on Saturday, Sept 21.

The celebration will be held at Colors on Sept. 21 from 6pm – 9pm (open bar from 6pm – 7pm! happy hour cash bar from 7-9pm! Appetizers will be served).

So come celebrate with us as we give the Bruce Herman Memorial Award to a ROC-NY member (it’s a surprise!) and the Solidarity Award to our friends at 99 Pickets!

*ROC-NY members, students, and low-income workers from ally organizations get a reduced price for the Hungry for Justice celebration: $20. But ROC-NY members also note that a $50 contribution will take care of your membership dues for a full year AND get you a ticket to the Hungry for Justice Celebration! 🙂

We are honored be recognized by such a wonderful organization. Don’t delay, donate to the Hungry for Justice campaign and get your tickets now!