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DISHES Boss Has Immigrant Worker Arrested For Organizing



ALL OUT For Friday JUNE 21:

DISHES Restaurant

6 East 45th Street (Between Madison and 5th)

12:00-2:00 p.m.

As the world witnesses state repression in Turkey, Brazil and Bulgaria, the militarization of the US border and the political stalemate around comprehensive immigration reform in Washington,immigrant workers at DISHES – an upscale restaurant in Manhattan – are being targeted and harassed by the NYPD at the will of their employers. On Thursday morning, the owners of DISHES, Moshe Mallul and Maggie Talisman sent the NYPD into the home of Joshua Duah, where he was arrested without a warrant in front of his family and sent to central booking. The arrest and entry into the home was a shameless tactic to intimidate him and his coworkers for continuing to fight for their rights.

Joshua and his coworkers have been fighting for justice at their workplace after more than a decade of wage theft and other abuses at the hand of their bosses. On March 13, the workers began a campaign to fight back and demand respect and dignity at work.

Joshua’s arrest is an outrageous attack on the human rights of all workers, all immigrants, and all people in NYC. This arrest has the potential to set a dangerous precedent for bosses who seek to use the power of the police against worker organizing. If there was ever a time to act that time is now, we have to show that as a movement we will not stand for the use of fear and immigration status when workers fight for their rights.

We must stand for immigrant rights, we must stand for workers’ rights, we must stand for human rights — tomorrow we must stand with the workers of DISHES and Joshua Duah.

Join workers and community allies as we show all bosses, politicians and the NYPD that we will not be intimated for standing up for our rights.

More info: http://99pickets.org/dishes-to-go/