99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity

Con Ed Lockout: What YOU Can Do


Con Ed Lockout Con Ed will not allow 8,500 utility workers to work. Instead, they put dangerously unqualified management out on the streets.

CEO Kevin Burke made $9.5 million last year, but Con Ed wants to cut wages, health benefits and sick pay.

What You Can Do
  • Call Con Ed at (800) 752-6633 and tell them you won’t pay your bill until they give workers a fair contract.
  • Stop your AutoPay and Pay-by-Check.
  • Don’t pay the exact amount on bill.
  • Staple the check to the bill.
  • Come to the picket line! 4 Irving Pl.
  • Join the 99 Pickets Brigade! Support worker struggles throughout NY.
  • Pass out this flyer (PDF) to Con Ed customers.

ConEd (800) 752-6633, 9a-5p www.coned.com

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