99 Pickets

NYC Worker Solidarity

Workers From Sotheby’s, New York City Opera, Con Ed and Occupy Wall Street Speak on Lockouts


When: Friday July 6, 2pm
Where: Con Ed picket line at 4 Irving Place, New York, NY (near Union Square)
Who: Organized by OWS 99 Pickets; http://99pickets.org99picketlines@gmail.com,

Increasingly, employers in the U.S. are turning to lockouts—literally locking employees out of their jobs and preventing them from working—to press union workers into granting concessions during negotiations.

“With many private-sector labor unions growing smaller and weaker, and with public-sector unions under attack in numerous states, some employers think the time is ideal to use lockouts, a forceful approach they were once reluctant to use.” [1]

Families face loss of wages and health insurance, ultimately even foreclosure, solely in service of the employer gaining the upper hand during contract talks. Misinformation from employers frequently pins the blame on workers; indeed, the distinction between employer lockouts and worker strikes often isn’t clear to the general public.

Join Occupy Wall Street’s 99 Pickets working group on Friday, July 6, 2pm at the Con Ed picket line, to learn about lockout tactic and hear what fellow workers from Sotheby’s, the New York City Opera and Con Ed have experienced in their recent lockouts.

[1] NY Times: Lockouts, Once Rare, Put Workers on the Defensive

99 Pickets, a working group from Occupy Wall Street, seeks to build a mass worker’s movement in New York City and beyond. We are workers, immigrants, artists, the unemployed, students and retirees: the 99%.

Revitalizing the picket line—a tactic with a long and rich history—we use worker-driven, creative action to draw attention to the common struggles of people across the city.

From wage theft, discrimination, abusive employers, food justice, misclassification, exploitive working conditions, retaliation for organizing, to unsafe workplaces, 99 Pickets strives to connect the dots between seemingly isolated conflicts, building a community and a movement to counter the 1%.

Another city is possible, but we need to build it.