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99 Pickets, a group originally from Occupy Wall Street, seeks to help build a mass workers’ movement in New York City and beyond. We are workers, immigrants, artists, the unemployed, students and retirees: the 99%.

Get plugged into what’s happening with worker campaigns around the city at our monthly solidarity meetings, the second Thursday of each month, from 6-8pm. We provide English/Spanish interpretation, childcare, and our meeting spaces are wheelchair-accessible.

Or, come to one of dozens of actions (from a number of organizations) supporting workers fighting for a living wage, respect at the workplace, and against wage theft and intimidation. Check out our calendar, join our email list for info about upcoming actions, or sign up for emergency text alerts, which occasionally let people know when workers need our support and need it now! Simply text @pickets to the number 23559.


9/3 The union has done some clever re-branding #StandUp2VZ pic.twitter.com/GEjySgTOph 
9/2 Execs' expensive tastes come at high costs for Verizon workers GoFundVerizon.com #StandUp2Vz pic.twitter.com/kmGHdGJbD0 
9/1 .@nyu, invest in the future, not our demise! #whoseNYU pic.twitter.com/rNLRD1FKPv 
9/1 Unionized faculty calling for raises for everyone. At rally with 150+ calling on @nyu to a good neighbor pic.twitter.com/IwDBbOglbe 
6/22 "Liberato! Cara gato!" We stand w/the three illegally fired workers fighting against wage theft at Liberato #1u pic.twitter.com/3sUyVuFhHY 
6/22 3 @LWC_workers members illegally fired @ Liberato. Will you join them calling for justice? #1u tiny.cc/libmp pic.twitter.com/jmXWwFxJ94 
6/2 “Share the wealth, protect our health!” @MoMA_Local2110 workers on all sides of the museum #faircontractnow #1u pic.twitter.com/1NA8N5bM85 
6/2 “Modern art, ancient wages!!” @MoMA workers are killing it outside the gala, standing up for a fair contract #1u @uaw pic.twitter.com/EKyYUYVhFU 
5/11 Sin justicia no hay pollo!!! Liberato restaurant must pay minimum wage NOW!! #1u #bx pic.twitter.com/p9S2oG4yTC 
5/1 Announcing new #worker center federation w @LWC_workers @DesisRisingUp @VendorPower @NICE4Workers pic.twitter.com/4Zr1iiY0lj 
5/1 Hey @nyuniversity stop the worker abuse! #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/PvlaJD2N0S 
5/1 When workers right are under attack, what do we do? STAND UP FIGHT BACK! #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/fxNoA2NeSe 
5/1 Down down with exploitation! Up up with the fair food nation! @Wendys @ciw #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/ER7GCeY6Jv 
5/1 Hey @Wendys its time to sign the fair food agreement with @ciw! #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/rJgwrDPpL2 
5/1 From Baltimore to Mexico, killer cops have to go! #maydaynyc #SignsOfSpringNYC pic.twitter.com/695cjUrQUO 

Solidarity Call-in to Liberato

Workers have been organizing at the famous Liberato restaurant in the Bronx for several months now. But the restaurant still refuses to pay even minimum wage to their workers, and they are harassing worker leaders by arbitrarily changing their duties and work schedules.

99 Pickets is calling a solidarity call-in campaign on Saturday 9/5 12-2pm, Sunday 9/6 12-2pm, Monday 9/7 12-2pm. More info here.