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99 Pickets, a group originally from Occupy Wall Street, seeks to help build a mass workers’ movement in New York City and beyond. We are workers, immigrants, artists, the unemployed, students and retirees: the 99%.

Get plugged into what’s happening with worker campaigns around the city at our monthly solidarity meetings, the second Thursday of each month, from 6-8pm. We provide English/Spanish interpretation, childcare, and our meeting spaces are wheelchair-accessible.

Or, come to one of dozens of actions (from a number of organizations) supporting workers fighting for a living wage, respect at the workplace, and against wage theft and intimidation. Check out our calendar, join our email list for info about upcoming actions, or sign up for emergency text alerts, which occasionally let people know when workers need our support and need it now! Simply text @pickets to the number 23559.


7/16 .@BHPhotoVideo has been #UnionBusting! #BoycottBnH #BHexposed #NYC #1u @LWC_workers pic.twitter.com/EEBtKoRq3q 
7/16 #UnionBusting's got to go at #EllensStardustDiner! Rehire the workers! #NYC @StardustFamilyU #1u #WeAreStardust pic.twitter.com/XYP3J8jYHG 
2/13 Congratulations @Babeland_NYC and @RWDSU workers on your first union contract! #1u #unionyes #babelandnyc #nyc pic.twitter.com/HyQuN323ct 
1/29 Scabby the Rat says boycott #EllensStardustDiner which fired over 30 workers! @StardustFamilyU #wearestardust #nyc pic.twitter.com/t5ehOGL24p 
1/22 .@StardustFamilyU is sticking to the union! Boycott #ellensstardustdiner, illegally fired 31 workers! #wearestardust pic.twitter.com/XXeoT0tG5Q 
11/12 The @StardustFamilyU are the champions, rehire the 16 fired workers at #EllensStardustDiner! #wearestardust #nyc #1u pic.twitter.com/DlGc31Ppkp 
11/6 The @StardustFamilyU built this city on #RockAndRoll! #EllensStardustDiner must rehire the 16 workers #wearestardust pic.twitter.com/QpaormBJ96 
11/5 The fired workers of @StardustFamilyU say don't stop believing at #EllensStardustDiner! #Broadway #wearestardust #1u pic.twitter.com/IJmAD8gph1 
10/2 The @StardustFamilyU workers singing "9 to 5", protesting 15 workers fired at #ellensstardustdiner. #wearestardust pic.twitter.com/FUocerCTQh 
9/14 The @EllensStardust in #NYC fired workers for organizing with @StardustFamilyU. #1u #NYC1u #stardustfamilyunited pic.twitter.com/olO9fjxJvb 
5/12 Barnard Contingent Faculty, Columbia grad workers, & CWA: Unions United against the 1% #VerizonStrike pic.twitter.com/QwCLmR0kA0 
5/11 If we don’t get no contract, then you don’t get no peace! #VerizonStrike pic.twitter.com/RjmlxNeQE6 
4/23 ¡Titlanice! Así comienza la nueva campaña de @LWC_workers y así va terminar también. ¡Venceremos! pic.twitter.com/syPsFSSC0g 
4/23 ¡Titlanice! Así comienza la nueva campaña de @LWC_workers y así va a terminar también. ¡Venceremos! pic.twitter.com/vjdKcbz8UG 
12/4 . @Columbia administration just refused to accept petition from grad workers. SHAME!! #WeAreWorkers #1u pic.twitter.com/reI2LeplYL 

On #BlackFriday, Join Walmart Workers Fasting for $15/hour

Join OUR Walmart--organized by current and former Walmart workers--in actions around the country on Black Friday as members break their hunger strike calling for $15/hour and full-time. NYC action is at 9am: http://on.fb.me/1Ihfx2g