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October 2014

  • Thu. 16

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    On October 16, join Walmart-Free NYC and OUR Walmart, alongside worker justice campaigns from across the New York City, for a march for higher wages and workplace dignity!

    Together, we’ll hit up multiple targets in Midtown East, include a fast food and a retail outlet, before concluding our action at the $25m condo that Walmart heiress, Alice Walton, recently purchased on Park Ave.

    Background and context:

    We’ve had it. Many of us are burning up with low-wage rage, and it’s time to call out who is responsible: Walmart and the Walton family. If you’re fed up, it’s time to rise up against them!

    Here’s why: Walmart’s worst practices have been adopted by NYC retailers, fast-food chains, and other low-wage employers. Walmart’s harm to NYC’s low-wage retail workers and fast-food workers can be seen and felt in growing poverty, erratic schedules, lack of stable hours and few opportunities for real career advancement among people of color, women, and immigrants.

    Retail workers, fast food workers, and other workers are therefore coming together for a massive march on October 16. We’ll take our issues to employers on the Upper East Side that are perpetrating these Walmart practices, and we’ll culminate at Alice Walton’s new $25m condo, to demonstrate the urgent need to address the dramatic and deepening inequality that the Walmart economy is driving. It’s time to tell Walmart and the Walton family to stop robbing workers of the American dream.

    Things will only get much worse if we stay silent and don’t make our voices heard together.

    The income inequality that the Walton family and Walmart have aggressively fueled throughout the United States is most extreme right here in NYC. From her luxury condo on Park Avenue in Manhattan, Alice Walton literally has a front row seat to watch her own greed in action.

    Join us in paying Alice a special visit. It’s time for her to step down from her luxury-condo-perch and have Walmart publicly commit to providing workers with higher wages and full-time, consistent scheduling. It’s time to raise the wage, raise up NY, and raise up all workers!

10/16 "Fear is to be chewed, not swallowed!!" @ourwalmart member speaks in support of retail,fast food workers! #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/1e4WggM4aY 
10/16 RIGHT NOW: Dozens of walmart workers unite w/fast food workers in NYC. "Show me 15!!" #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/eHC92t9hcc 
9/30 "Ten years, no raise!!!" Workers at @barneysNY are strong, united & ready to fight to #makebarneysbetter @NYNJRJB pic.twitter.com/8lAG3dsWAp 
9/30 .@Local_802_AFM band laying at down outside @barneysNY in solidarity w/@NYNJRJB members #makebarneysbetter #1u pic.twitter.com/eh1EBg84CU 
9/30 “Compensation!! No renovation!!” @barneysNY workers are making their voices heard BIG TIME. @NYNJRJB #1u pic.twitter.com/GXXIaNZiNF 
9/30 "No contract, no peace!!!" @barneysNY workers haven't had a raise in 20 YEARS #makebarneysbetter pic.twitter.com/SCV8WtHGjd 
9/30 200+ Barneys workers outside @BarneysNY right now demanding a fair contract now!!! #1u pic.twitter.com/TENjWuknY1 
9/23 Blowing the whistle on @gm CEO Mary Barra outside #CGI2014. 1000s of workers at GM Colombian plants severely injured pic.twitter.com/B9xiGrVWjh 
9/23 Solidarity w/Colombian workers fighting to make Mary Barra’s @gm factories safe! #cgi2014 asotrecol.org pic.twitter.com/GKfIsrWKIG 
9/18 "Shame, shame, shame!!" @hm, pay your workers in Cambodia a living wage!! #weneed177 #nycsolidarity pic.twitter.com/GodRjIdIbU 
9/18 100+ @nynjrjb workers & allies call on @oldnavy, @gapinc to be accountable, pay living wage!!! #weneed177 #nyc pic.twitter.com/mqT7CkHdGa 
9/18 Marching out front @hm w/ @RMOinNYC & @NYNJRJB !! Shame on you h & m, pay a living wage in Cambodia! #weneed177 pic.twitter.com/6PGHcRkT3y 
9/18 #WeNeed177 solidarity w/Cambodian garment workers fighting for $177/mo min. Wage!! pic.twitter.com/S7mTnLr3TV 
9/18 . @NYNJRJB workers on the march!! to demand accountability from @gapinc & @hm #weneed177 pic.twitter.com/ixvwyyzuwP 
9/17 . @nynjrjb rank-and-file & 99pkts are ready to march on @gapinc!!!! Higher minimum wage for Cambodian workers now! pic.twitter.com/JwmjUBwiaD 

Solidarity Call-in to Liberato

Workers have been organizing at the famous Liberato restaurant in the Bronx for several months now. But the restaurant still refuses to pay even minimum wage to their workers, and they are harassing worker leaders by arbitrarily changing their duties and work schedules.

99 Pickets is calling a solidarity call-in campaign on Saturday 9/5 12-2pm, Sunday 9/6 12-2pm, Monday 9/7 12-2pm. More info here.