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September 2014

  • Wed. 17

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    Please attend the City Council Committee hearing on the J4JA Resolution, which will take place Wednesday, September 17, 2014, in the Committee Room in City Hall, 260 Broadway, NYC.  By attending this hearing you will be showing your support and encouragement for the concept of good faith negotiations between jazz clubs and AFM, Local 802.  
    This a golden opportunity for all musicians to make their voices heard regarding the disparate treatment they have received over the years at the hands of unscrupulous club owners who have used every mechanism at their disposal to ensure that musicians have had and continue to have little say in regard to issues of working conditions, minimum pay scale, in-house recordings, and the lack of union benefits like pension—which are routinely afforded to musicians who work on Broadway and the symphonic field, but are universally unavailable to artists who work in NYC’s major jazz clubs, an industry that generates tens of millions of dollars annually towards our local economy.

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    In Cambodia, the women and men who sew clothes for The Gap, H&M, and other major brands struggle to make ends meet. The legal minimum wage for garment workers is a miserable wage of $100 per month. Thousands of workers have fainted at their sewing machines owing to factors including malnutrition, overwork, heat, poor ventilation, and fumes from chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Earlier this year, when over 200,000 Cambodian workers stood up to demand a fairer wage, authorities shot four workers dead in the streets and threw 23 union activists in jail. Consumers don’t want clothes tainted with exploitation and repression.

    On September 17th, garments workers in Cambodia will demonstrate at their workplaces for a raise to $177 per month – the minimum needed to cover basic needs according to a government-appointed task force. Join us to demand justice for Cambodian workers!

  • Sat. 20

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    Does your workplace justice campaign connect with climate justice? How so? If not, how could you make the connection? How does climate change affect you and your coworkers on and off the job? And how are climate justice groups interacting with the workers movement?

    This is an opportunity for anyone involved in workplace struggle to talk about how we in the labor movement relate to the climate justice movement, and vice versa! Worker voices will be prioritized in this conversation. Spanish interpretation provided.

    Part of the Climate Convergence in the run-up to the People’s Climate March on September 21.

October 2014

9/16 Tmrw Cambodian workers are standing up for a higher min. We gather in solidarity at 34 & Bway. 99pickets.org/calendar/solid… pic.twitter.com/0nCNKt6MlX 
9/16 Tmrw Cambodian workers are standing up for a higher min. We gather in solidarity at 34 & Bway. 99pickets.org/calendar/solid… pic.twitter.com/0nCNKt6MlX 
9/15 9/17 join worldwide demos in solidarity w/Cambodian workers protesting 4 higher min. wage. NY: buff.ly/1omdmAd pic.twitter.com/7mcqE47zrC 
9/14 Dedicated activist flyering for worker justice at Kenny Bakery this afternoon pic.twitter.com/z68m8Tk7mz 
9/13 In Cambodia, women who sew clothes for big brands are organizing 4 higher min. wage. 9/17 NYC: buff.ly/1lSjjd0 pic.twitter.com/6UHmVDuzFK 
9/11 Workers are fighting for a $177/mo min. wage in Cambodia. Join them 9/17 6pm @ 34th & Broadway 99pickets.org/calendar/solid… pic.twitter.com/bSzjiZi2hw 
9/8 Solidarity has no borders! On Sep 17, stand w/Cambodian workers fighting for higher min. wage! 99pickets.org/calendar/solid… pic.twitter.com/rVvNkLu0cf 
8/28 . @Blick_art corporate lackey accepts the petition for a FAIR CONTRACT NOW!! Sign petition: tiny.cc/bworkers pic.twitter.com/tUwNShngGs 
8/28 Solidarity w/ @blick_art workers from members of @ROC_NY, @IWWNYC, @RetailAction, @CentralLaborNYC , @UAW & more! pic.twitter.com/kbfv5dguhe 
8/28 . @Blick_Art worker Paloma: "we are constantly being disrespected by management." Fair contract now!! pic.twitter.com/6MYkoiftN7 
8/16 “No justice, no cake!!” The fight at Kenny bakery = the struggle to end exploitation thru-out #WashHeights pic.twitter.com/aaQDtL10Da 
8/16 Today 99pkts & Laundry Workers Center members stood strong against police intimidation. Justice @ Kenny bakery now!! pic.twitter.com/mHtqH454N6 
8/9 Hey @GuitarCenter why don't you "Walk This Way" into a fair contract with your workers? #Rock4Rights #GCTimesSquare pic.twitter.com/iRiE0vchX6 
8/9 .@GuitarCenter #Rock4Rights #1u #GCTimesSquare @RWDSU pic.twitter.com/ttaXEsz9gX 
7/18 "Kenny Bakery ojo! No más... bizcocho!" We demand justice for Moraima now!! @lwc_united pic.twitter.com/IJBhw6Pttj 

Solidarity Call-in to Liberato

Workers have been organizing at the famous Liberato restaurant in the Bronx for several months now. But the restaurant still refuses to pay even minimum wage to their workers, and they are harassing worker leaders by arbitrarily changing their duties and work schedules.

99 Pickets is calling a solidarity call-in campaign on Saturday 9/5 12-2pm, Sunday 9/6 12-2pm, Monday 9/7 12-2pm. More info here.