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November 2015

  • Fri. 27

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    This November, Walmart workers across the country are leading the #Fastfor15, fifteen days of action and fasting at Walton homes, Board of Directors homes and Walmart stores, and culminating in a national day of action on Black Friday. Together with supporters, we are shining light on the hunger crisis facing workers and their families each day and renewing the call for $15 per hour and full-time work.

    On November 27, join OUR Walmart faster, Denise Barlage, to send a message to Walmart and the Waltons that we willl not stop until we get $15 and Full Time. We’ll bring our protest straight to Alice Walton’s doorstep.

    Please join us!

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    Hate working on Thanksgiving or Black Friday? Think retail workers deserve better? Join us on 11/27 to traveling between major retailers on a Black Friday Tour of Shame! We’ll be demonstrating that retail workers are taking a stand against the racism, homophobia, and abusive practices rampant in the industry.


    On Black Friday while eager shoppers scramble to get their hands on the best holiday deals, workers and community allies will be outside Verizon Wireless stores taking action against Verizon’s greed.

    Join us on Black Friday to send Verizon and its customers a message: Verizon must stop trying to destroy good jobs and settle fair contracts.

    As Verizon and Verizon Wireless workers and their families up and down the East Coast enter the holiday season still working without a contract and fearing for their futures, the company is still trying to cut retirement and job security, raise health care costs by thousands of dollars per worker, and even take away benefits from employees who have been injured on the job.

    The company is also out to terrify and silence Verizon Wireless workers who exercise their rights on the job. In fact, The National Labor Relations Board just slapped Verizon with a complaint for illegally firing union activist Bianca Cunningham.*

    The company can afford to maintain good jobs, and we’re holding them accountable. Verizon and their customers NEED to hear from you.

11/27 Former Walmart worker shares how the company demanded more & more for less & less in return. @ourwmt #BlackFriday pic.twitter.com/Dk00BNlH5Z 
11/27 We want justice now! Walmart workers are hungry. This will not be ignored! #BlackFriday #FastFor15 @ourwmt pic.twitter.com/NRFSgaqfSN 
11/25 On #BlackFriday support grassroots organizing! 9am @ Alice Walton's apt w/@OURWmt #fastfor15 on.fb.me/21fYDga pic.twitter.com/wmzukduUac 
11/20 "The workers, united, will never be divided!" Powerful solidarity from restaurant workers #FastFor15 @OURWmt #1u pic.twitter.com/88mGFrUupt 
11/20 Assembling outside Alice Walton's apt & calling for change at @walmart! #FastFor15 #1u #NationalWomensDay pic.twitter.com/pGSkTQa9tr 
11/9 We're joining #FightFor15 in Foley Square @ 4PM as workers STRIKE on 11/10 #NYC1u. RSVP: bit.ly/nov10rsvp pic.twitter.com/yLqbw3i2oq 
10/23 "We’re fighting for a better future" bhexposed.org #bhexposed #bhsuperstore #ppe2015 pic.twitter.com/wzHIWdkhR0 
10/23 "We are not afraid--we are united & we will win" -Edwin Rojas bhexposed.org #ppe2015 #bhexposed pic.twitter.com/e7sDjYkKuC 
10/23 "At B&H, all my coworkers are tired of the abuse. bc of this we decided 2 organize" bhexposed.org #PPE2015 pic.twitter.com/HrvnNgUbV6 
10/21 Progress comes through collective action #1u via @unions4workers pic.twitter.com/WwGMlOOesg 
10/6 Support @GuitarCenter workers fighting for a #FairContract during the #DrumOff! bit.ly/SurveyGC pic.twitter.com/rokcK7E5yI 
9/3 The union has done some clever re-branding #StandUp2VZ pic.twitter.com/GEjySgTOph 
9/2 Execs' expensive tastes come at high costs for Verizon workers GoFundVerizon.com #StandUp2Vz pic.twitter.com/kmGHdGJbD0 
9/1 .@nyu, invest in the future, not our demise! #whoseNYU pic.twitter.com/rNLRD1FKPv 
9/1 Unionized faculty calling for raises for everyone. At rally with 150+ calling on @nyu to a good neighbor pic.twitter.com/IwDBbOglbe 

On #BlackFriday, Join Walmart Workers Fasting for $15/hour

Join OUR Walmart--organized by current and former Walmart workers--in actions around the country on Black Friday as members break their hunger strike calling for $15/hour and full-time. NYC action is at 9am: http://on.fb.me/1Ihfx2g