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April 2014

May 2014

  • Thu. 1

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    Save the Date!

    It has been 8 years since 2006′s massive mobilizations of immigrants and workers against the repressive Sensenbrenner legislation that would criminalize immigrant workers. Since 2006, the May 1st Coalition for Workers and Immigrant Rights has been organizing and mobilizing for every May 1st bringing together immigrant groups, community organizations, workers groups, unions, LGBTQGNC organizations, and women’s organizations to raise the demands of people during the ongoing economic crisis.

  • Sat. 17

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    Some of those speaking will be Brian Jones, Carol Burris, Raging Grannies, Joe Rella and Ken Mitchel (local superintendents), representatives of parents groups and BATS. Others invited to speak include Diane Ravitch, Jonathon Kozol, Leticia James, Leonie Haimson, Zakiah Ansari (parent) and Stephanie Rivera (SUPE).

    The Vision: Create & sustain a public school system that provides a fully funded, equitable, community-based education for every child. This means that decisions about our children’s schooling are made democratically by families and professional educators, free of corporate and political intervention.

    The Mission: Educate teachers, parents, students and communities on the dangers of corporate-driven reform that lead to privatization, high stakes testing, mandated curriculum, unfair teacher evaluation practices, school closures, and a two tier school system where special needs students, English as a 2nd language learners, and children of color and poverty are hit hardest.

    The Goals:

    • Motivate people to act on behalf of children to receive a quality equitable education.
    • Bring various communities to work together in resisting national corporate reform policies.
    • Restore the joy of learning
    • Get media coverage of our point of view.
    • Have our voices heard on the main-steam media.
    • Involve mainstream and alternative media coverage of vision, mission, and goals
    • Let corporations know that we will resist their efforts to privatize and control public education
    • Assure authentic classroom-based assessment – end high stakes testing
    • Assure locally-developed curricula that honor languages, cultures, and communities – No mandating of common core standards and standards based testing
    • Ensure privacy of student data – end In-Bloom
    • Universal public (non charter) neighborhood preschools based in our neighborhood public schools
    • Wrap around services for every neighborhood public school: counselors, social workers, psychologists, health care
    • Strengthen neighborhood schools, assure high quality schools in every neighborhood – resist charter schools and vouchers
    • Value out of school multiple literacies and cultural pedagogy
    • Protect programs (art, music, phys. ed.) that are important to the overall development of our children and to their love of learning
    • Audience: Community activists (“voices of resistance”), families, students, civil rights advocates, voters, immigrant families, policymakers and legislators, union members, teachers, and faith leaders
    • Celebration. We celebrate the potential of all students and schools
4/13 Talking to a neighbor of @childrenplace CEO Jane Elfers. Do you know your neighbor uses sweatshop labor? #PAYUP pic.twitter.com/DOya7yyOre 
4/13 See you around the neighborhood soon! @ChildrensPlace, #PAYUP fair comp. to #ranaplaza victims orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/5JTPIdehRc 
4/12 There's someone home at the house of injustice! But shes not answering. #payup @childrensplace Orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/PykY7DVEc3 
4/12 Back at the home of @childrensplace CEO Elfers. "Hey Jane, what's the deal? Imagine how those orphans feel!" #PAYUP pic.twitter.com/Wo43PNjaJn 
4/12 Rude Mechanical Orchestra laying it down on the way to another neighbor of CEO Elders. #ChildrensPlace #PAYUP! pic.twitter.com/u4KmCftm9Y 
4/12 Next house!! Everybody in the neighborhood is learning about @childrensplace lack of accountability. #ShameOnJane pic.twitter.com/TaqMyDj2Sq 
4/12 “Do you know your neighbor... uses sweatshop labor?” #PAYUP @childrensplace! Orphansplace.com #1u #ShameOnJane pic.twitter.com/Jw90oY5YwK 
4/12 Now telling @childrensplace CEO Elfers' neighbors about her lack of accountability for deaths of 1,138 #BD workers pic.twitter.com/Z7XCdbWS8W 
4/12 Families of victims asking for $8 million, @childrensplace made $655 million profit, & CEO Elfers won't answer door pic.twitter.com/uLwNfFc56U 
4/12 "Jane Jane your house is nice! But mothers & children paid the price!" We stand w/BD workers. #PayUp @childrensplace! pic.twitter.com/82NSffhfqP 
4/12 So far no answer from @childrensplace CEO Elfers. Why won't they #payup fair compensation to Bangladesh victims? pic.twitter.com/SqAyFnbZPe 
4/12 . @Childrensplace CEO Elfers wouldn't speak to #bangladesh survivors yesterday, so today we're visiting her house pic.twitter.com/8cDFm5nUtu 
4/12 It's a beautiful day for a radical marching band in your neighborhood. @childrensplace #payup! Orphansplace.com pic.twitter.com/KihfWmQtPf 
4/12 Heading to the home of @childrensplace CEO Jane Elfers to ask her why she won't #PayUp or talk 2 Bangladesh survivors pic.twitter.com/wakAUH0YGX 
4/9 .@FriezeNewYork goes union!! Congrats 2 the workers who fought 4 it, along w/@OWSArtsandLabor artsandlabor.org/solidarity-win… pic.twitter.com/rP7A52hEBe 

99 Pickets Monthly Meetings - 5 MINUTE SURVEY / 99 Pickets Reunión Mensual - ENCUESTA 5 MINUTOS

Since August 2013, 99 Pickets has hosted a monthly meeting for workers, organizers and activists across NYC, to share information about their campaigns and discuss important issues in worker organizing. We’ve had five meetings so far, and would love to get your feedback to improve the meetings.