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99 Pickets, a group originally from Occupy Wall Street, seeks to help build a mass workers’ movement in New York City and beyond. We are workers, immigrants, artists, the unemployed, students and retirees: the 99%.

Get plugged into what’s happening with worker campaigns around the city at our monthly solidarity meetings, the second Thursday of each month, from 6-8pm. We provide English/Spanish interpretation, childcare, and our meeting spaces are wheelchair-accessible.

Or, come to one of dozens of actions (from a number of organizations) supporting workers fighting for a living wage, respect at the workplace, and against wage theft and intimidation. Check out our calendar, join our email list for info about upcoming actions, or sign up for emergency text alerts, which occasionally let people know when workers need our support and need it now! Simply text @pickets to the number 23559.


4/15 Climate justice solidarity w/ #fightfor15!! @risingtideNYC @mcdonalds #TimesSquare pic.twitter.com/wwtfdlqFty 
4/15 "The fight 4 sustainable jobs is same fight 4 a sustainable planet!!" Mic check @mcdonalds #TimesSquare #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/WKYfI4hcWV 
4/15 "We are unstoppable, another world is possible!" 2nd @mcdonalds in climate justice/worker tour #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/EPInKrxfJJ 
4/15 "More future less capitalism!" @risingtideNYC @eco_socialism #99pkts in @mcdonalds, solidarity w/ #fightfor15 workers pic.twitter.com/TzJCujQxTb 
4/15 MIC CHECK! climate justice activists joining forces w/worker solidarity groups in @mdonalds NYC #fightfor15 pic.twitter.com/jacnCeS3GU 
4/15 MT @VOCALNewYork: TODAY! Join 1,000s to demand a living wage for all NYers! 5pm @ Columbus Circle #FightFor15 pic.twitter.com/qgu4R7euqH 
4/13 Successful conclusion @ Kenny Bakery! Picket party @ Liberato Mon 5-6:30 1 W. 183rd St. #Bronx 99pickets.org/calendar/succe… pic.twitter.com/jLyQ4XWyGD 
3/16 Amazing sign featuring Manuel Antonio Liberato, owner of Liberato restaurant who is accused of wage theft #1u pic.twitter.com/fMrXIyDWi1 
3/16 Dozens outside Liberato restaurant in #bronx protesting stolen wages, sexual harassment m.thenation.com/blog/201457-wo… #1u pic.twitter.com/13LzQBJCgj 
3/13 "You can't close your eyes & pretend we're not here!" @childrensplace #payup $8 million you owe to #ranaplaza victims pic.twitter.com/ofLKoeiuoS 
3/12 When BD workers fight 4 a garment indust. they can be proud of, we must not stnd by in silence on.fb.me/1wAXsvD pic.twitter.com/CtPBj36Rim 
3/12 FRI 5pm Union Sq, tell @childrensplace to DROP the charges on 27 protesters & #payup now! on.fb.me/1wAXsvD #1u pic.twitter.com/u7PRhJtSCW 
3/12 26 arrested today, telling @childrensplace to #payup $8 mil they owe to #RanaPlaza victims northjersey.com/news/business/… #1u pic.twitter.com/R8kl12Yr1h 
1/19 Liberato's hiring: se ofrece un salario robado. pic.twitter.com/rKpWAckd04 
1/19 Liberato workers, we are with you! pic.twitter.com/nNF98LN7yW 

Solidarity Call-in to Liberato

Workers have been organizing at the famous Liberato restaurant in the Bronx for several months now. But the restaurant still refuses to pay even minimum wage to their workers, and they are harassing worker leaders by arbitrarily changing their duties and work schedules.

99 Pickets is calling a solidarity call-in campaign on Saturday 9/5 12-2pm, Sunday 9/6 12-2pm, Monday 9/7 12-2pm. More info here.